• About Me: Swig Meets World

    I am Swig. Welcome to my world.  Traveling, working, studying, writing and photographing all over the world is my passion! Originally I am from America and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. For two

  • 15 Best Travel Sites to Save Money

    I have compiled a list of the 15 BEST travel sites to Save Money. After traveling to over 50+ countries, these travel sites have saved me thousands of dollars over the years. All the companies

  • 5 Small Towns You Need to Visit in Europe

    Europe is always one of the most visited destinations for travelers of all walks. The Euro has recently been in a slump compared to the US dollar, which makes it a great time to

  • My Complicated Relationship with Paris

    Paris is the city of love, but to I have a complicated relationship with this bustling French metropolis. Over the years I have been to Paris five separate times and each one provided a

  • Relocating to a New Country with Under $5,000: 16 Essentials tips for moving to Australia

    This post is based on my experience of relocating to a new country with under $5,000.  I met one person who moved to Australia with just $1,000! There truly is no magic number of savings you need.

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    Machu Picchu is one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and it is an absolutely incredible site to see. If you are looking for ways to explore Machu Picchu either on a budget,

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    Searching for the best travel insurance company for your next trip can be a very stressful task. After all, how are you to be sure that each company offers the service that you personally

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    Living in the Sacred Valley of Peru was one the biggest highpoints of my travels. The unique culture, atmosphere, and activities to do in Cusco make this a great place for anybody to stop

  • 8 Tips for Solo Travel

    Solo travel is exhilarating. You can explore a new place and do exactly what you want to do! Often people forgo trips if they do not have family or friends to join them. I am

  • Scott’s Cheap Flights Review

    For anybody who is a travel addict, finding a way to get cheap airline tickets is something you are always keeping your eyes open for. Recently I came across a new service which is

  • Best Travel Gear 2017

    Over the years I have traveled quite a bit, over 60+ countries and still going strong. The majority of my travels have been to warmer climates, which can make packing a lot easier. I strongly

  • 5 Best Jobs for Travel

    If you want to get out and experience more of what the world has to offer, you are going to probably need a new job. More often than not, your job will actually stop

  • Ultimate Men’s Giveaway

    All long term travelers know the struggle of having your toiletry bag stay carry on compliant. Before most trips their is something that ends up in the trash can. That’s why I was stoked when

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  • About Me: Swig Meets World

  • 15 Best Travel Sites to Save Money

  • 5 Small Towns You Need to Visit in Europe

  • My Complicated Relationship with Paris

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