• About Me: Swig Meets World

    I am Swig. Welcome to my world.  Traveling, working, studying, writing and photographing all over the world is my passion! Originally I am from America and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. For two

  • 15 Best Travel Sites to Save Money

    I have compiled a list of the 15 BEST travel sites to Save Money. After traveling to over 50+ countries, these travel sites have saved me thousands of dollars over the years. All the companies

  • 5 Small Towns You Need to Visit in Europe

    Europe is always one of the most visited destinations for travelers of all walks. The Euro has recently been in a slump compared to the US dollar, which makes it a great time to

  • My Complicated Relationship with Paris

    Paris is the city of love, but to I have a complicated relationship with this bustling French metropolis. Over the years I have been to Paris five separate times and each one provided a

  • Relocating to a New Country with Under $5,000: 16 Essentials tips for moving to Australia

    This post is based on my experience of relocating to a new country with under $5,000.  I met one person who moved to Australia with just $1,000! There truly is no magic number of savings you need.

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  • The Ups and Downs of Travel

    Social media has certainly changed the travel industry. Hell it has changed A LOT of things. It has certainly made connecting with new people extremely easy and staying in touch with friends/family is no problem

  • Fast Food Spaghetti Challenge

    I just spent the last month working in the Philippines. Living in Manila for the majority of that time was a lot of fun and a great work-to-life balance. While in the Philippines, my

  • China Legally Owns Every Panda in the World

    I am convinced that the Giant Panda, arguably the cutest animal on the planet, acts naïve, plays stupid and stumbles like a clumsy oaf on purpose. Here’s why. Other animals have distinctive means of

  • Best Healthy Delivery Service in Manila

    This week is a new segment I call Swig Eats World, I love to try new food and will try anything at least once. You can check out the first blog post in the

  • Boracay Nightlife Guide

    Boracay is truly an amazing place! Even though, at certain times of the year the island is packed with honeymooners and tourists. There is something special about this place and the tourists flock here for

  • 10 Photos That Will Have You on the Next Flight to New Zealand

    New Zealand is a landscape photographer’s dream! After living, working, hitch hiking and traveling around New Zealand for 6 months, I decided to compile 10 of my best shots of New Zealand. Here are my 10

  • Love, Death and the Fulfillment of Travel: 5 Values from 5 Years of Traveling

    Around 5 years ago today I was on a 1-way flight to Europe. I can remember sitting alone on the plane, surrounded by hundreds of strangers and still feeling somber and zealous at the

  • 5 Best Views of San Francisco

    San Francisco is one of the most photogenic cities in the world and boasts some iconic views! There are numerous hikes and walks around the city that are breathtaking. This post will show you the 5

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  • About Me: Swig Meets World

  • 15 Best Travel Sites to Save Money

  • 5 Small Towns You Need to Visit in Europe

  • My Complicated Relationship with Paris

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