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Get upgraded to Business Class for Free

The notorious FREE business class upgrade was something I always dreamed of! After thousands and thousands of miles and trips around the world I started to wonder why I was never upgraded for free while flying? There are a few ways to get upgraded to business class for free and it has happened to me […]

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Seoul Photo Blog

Last month I was selected to do some freelance photography & Writing for a Seoul magazine. This was actually a job I found through my Instagram page where I post the majority of my travel photos. I was super stoked to see my writing and photography printed in a magazine! Anyway, the freelance job got me […]

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Shooting the AK-47 and M30 in Vietnam

Shooting guns in Vietnam was high on our things to do. We had planned to shoot an RPG in Cambodia, but it just did not work out logistically. Luckily, shooting the AK-47 and M30 in Vietnam were great substitutes to get our adrenaline fix. The gun range is a bit outside of Ho Chi Minh […]

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Top 10 Cities to Visit in the World

I always enjoy reading travel lists. Especially ones about the top places to visit before you die, but there are thousands of articles about that already. The market is saturated with travels spots you need to get to before your inevitable demise.  But why wait? Go this year! No one seems to be talking about […]

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Milwaukee Nightlife Guide

I think nightlife is the hardest thing to find when visiting a new city, it can take a while to get the lay of the land and every night usually offers something different. That is why I am attempting to have nightlife guides for every major city around the world. This week’s Milwaukee Nightlife Guide […]

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Internships Abroad ICN

Looking for an Internships Abroad or at home? Then you are in the right place! (ICN Offers Internships Abroad in Shanghai and many other great cities overseas) Last month I accepted a position with ICN Group Corporation and will be marketing some great internships abroad. The company finds internships abroad for students, new graduates and […]

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Myanmar Travel Guide

Exploring Myanmar aka Burma was one of the highlights of my trip around South East Asia. My Dad spent about a year working in Myanmar and made sure we made a trip there to experience the relatively undiscovered country. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the name since it was changed from Burma to […]

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Working Out in South Korea

Working out in South Korea has been a pretty interesting part of my routine. When I was studying my MBA, the University had a really affordable gym for $20 a month. Recently I relocated from Gwangju (Korea’s 5th Largest city) to the capital city, Seoul. During my time in Gwangju the gym goers varied from 80 year […]

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Siem Reap, Cambodia: Travel Guide

Siem Reap Cambodia was certainly one of the many highlights to our South East Asia tour. My trip around SE Asia was a combination of backpacking mixed with two weeks of luxury travel since my father joined in. Making the transition from 20 person hostels to hotels is always interesting, but for a few weeks […]

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Exploring Noryangjin Fish Market Seoul

As we left the Noryangjin metro my friends and I proceeded in anticipation towards a salt filled ocean aroma. If you are lost and en route to the fish market just follow your nose. As we got closer, the wonderful ocean smell swiftly turned into an overwhelming, unique scent of fresh fish. The scent was […]

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