10 Facts About the World

May 20, 2014

Below are 10 Facts About the World that you most likely did not know yet. These travel facts are some of the most interesting I have picked up from my world travels.

1. Istanbul, Turkey is one of the only cities on two continents, the city is split between Europe and Asia

Istanbul facts

2. In Korea they start counting from age 1 directly after you are born instead of 0.

3. In Islamic Countries, Banks normally don’t pay or receive any interest due to religious beliefs.

4. Australians call Cotton Candy “Fairy Floss” and Corn Dogs “Pluto Pups”

Cotton Candy Fairy Floss

5. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.

6. In Bulgaria no literally means yes.

-So you shake your head up/down to say “no” and left/right to say “yes”

7. In the Czech Republic Men celebrate Easter by whipping girls with a braided sticks, this tradition is meant to be for “good luck.” This tradition is still very common and happens every year.

8. Australians eat their national Animal. You can commonly find Kangaroo meat served in supermarkets, it taste delicious and is extremely healthy. Kangaroos are extremely abundant, similar to deer in the US. Actually, Australia isn’t the only country to eat their National Animal. Around 30 of 195 Sovereign nations do as well.

Kangaroo Meat Australia

9. In Bangkok, Thailand there is the world’s biggest water gun fight called, Songkran. The water is thrown or shot on people to symbolize the washing away of  bad luck.

10. You can get McDonalds delivered in Korea for no extra charge (breakfast too!)

Mcdonalds delivery Korea

If you have any fun facts please share them in the comments below!





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