30 Things to Do Before 30

February 1, 2019


Although life surely isn’t any sort of competition, all of us should try and live the best life possible while we are here. After all, life should be about the quality of the years you live, not the total number. Here are 30 things to do before 30!

1. Travel the World 🌎


Whether it is just for a short period of time, or for a long adventure, there are many things which can be learned from travel. Do yourself a favor and make an effort to make a trip around the world before you turn 30. Even if it’s just a few continents.

2. Travel by Yourself

backpacking or traveling on your own can be a very eye-opening experience. From learning new things about yourself to having an adventure with no constant attachments to somebody else, solo travel can help you become more comfortable in your own skin. Along with many other potential benefits. 

3. Pay Off Any Debts You May Have


Debt is something which sits constantly in the back of your mind while it exists. Do yourself a favor, become responsible, and pay off any debts that you have. You will have much more peace of mind afterward.

4. Have Some Money Saved Up


Many people live a large portion of their lives from paycheck to paycheck. Fidelity recommends that you should save your average salary by the time you are 30. If you make $40,000 a year, then you should have $40k in your bank account by the time you reach 30. An application known as Mint is a great tool for helping you manage and track your finances.

5. Spend Your Time Wisely


Whether or not you have learned this yet, time is your biggest asset. By the time you are 30, you should be well aware of this. Spend fewer nights out at the bar, and more time with people you love or other activities that add value to your life.

6. Live & Work in Another City or Country


Outside of just traveling to another country, many more lessons and perspectives can be gained by actually living abroad. Try living in a different country (or city) for over 6 months of your life. If you plan to live or work overseas, you are going to want to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for accessing information in your home country. This is useful for Netflix, but also for a variety of other important websites and even for getting discounts on flights on offer to certain countries!

7. Try a New Sport or Activity


By 30, you might not be able to play football anymore. Shucks. However, there are always endless new hobbies and sports that you can try when you get bored. From Flyboarding to Rockclimbing, there are countless sports and activities left to try.

8. Try to End your Bad Habits


We all have a bad habit or two (or more) in our lives. Although they are there, they don’t have to necessarily remain in our lives. People quit bad habits cold turkey each day successfully. You can too.

9. Get Closer to Family and Friends


Family and real friends are one of life’s biggest constants. The people who care about you the most aren’t going anywhere. Make sure to remain in touch with everybody and find ways to heigten your bonds.

10. Give Something Up


Learning to let things go is a skill that often gets overlooked. That is until you are around the age of 30. If you have learned to let go and be detached from certain things in life, now is a good time to start.

11. Do Something Memorable/Forever


Spend at least one point of your life making your mark and passing down something special. It could be writing a book, filming your own viral video, or anything along these lines. Do something which is both memorable and will last forever. If you haven’t picked up my new book, Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever make sure to give it a read! 

12. Take Care of Your Health


Your body is the only one that you get for your entire journey here on planet Earth. This is why you should take care of it. Put on sunscreen before hitting the beaches, eat well, excercise, and be health conscious.

13. Quality Over Everything


Many people go through a stage or two when quantity is more important than quality. Learn to respect yourself and the hard work that you have done in your life. Pay a little extra if it means you have a slightly better experience.

14. Fall in Love❤️


Love is one of the most powerful emotions that you will ever experience. Having love in their life is a main reason that many people live happy lives. Be vulnerable, put yourself out there, and fall in love before 30.

15. Expand Network (Personal & Professional)


You are good at something. Hopefully this goes without saying. Other people are good at things you aren’t. Other people also have traits that you admire and appreciate. Connect with these sorts of people.

16. Do Something that Scared the Shit Out of You 

We are all afraid of something or have been afraid of something. The funny thing about fear is that usually, it is present for no apparent reason. After all, we will all die one day. Run with the bulls, go skydiving, scuba dive in the ocean. Be fearless. Conquer your fears.

17. Learn a New Skill (Software, Company, etc)


Self-improvement is a task which should be never-ending in life. Unless you want to die the same person that left school all those years ago. Be a constant learner. Learn new skills to benefit your lifestyle.

18. Have a Routine Figured Out


Productivity and managing your time effectively is the name of the game here. With a routine, you can find creative ways to be both productive and capable of doing the fun (and perhaps expensive) things that you love.

19. Treat Yo-self


If you are responsible with your finances and establish a great routine, there will be many times in your life where you can absolutely spoil yourself. We’re talking about random excursions into the middle of nowhere just to stare at a waterfall and have a drink, as an example.

20. Give Back


Whether it be volunteering, donating, or simply making an effort to help others in some fashion, find a way to give back to the world. There are even times where giving back and donating your time can get you a college scholarship (courtesy of Swigs Meets World)!

21. Do something awesome for your parents 

If you have been reading closely, you should have noticed that finances are a major theme in this list. When you are financially responsible, budget your money, and save some cash each month, you will be able to eventually do some very nice things for those who gave you life. Ideally, this is something extraordinary like a travel experience or luxury vacation somewhere!

22. Do Something Spontaneous

Don’t get confused here. Having a routine is something very beneficial for productivity and finance. However, it can also be detrimental to your sanity. Take some time out of your busy routine to do something new when the mood strikes. You won’t regret it.

23. Be Financially Independent


Materialism isn’t something being endorsed here. However, there is a certain sense of freedom which comes in this world with having income and finances that you can depend on. Reach financial independence before you are 30 so that you don’t spend your entire life working a job you don’t like.

24. Set Some Goals


A live without goals is a life that is hardly worth living. You should also challenge yourself. Set goals that will change your life in a positive manner. Most importantly, also note each of the steps which are necessary for reaching these goals. Doing this will separate reachable goals from delusional dreams.

25. Forget Your Grudges & Regrets


What happened in the past is already history. Anything negative which has happened between you and someone else is also already over. Forget the negative, and dwell in the positive. Forget grudges, regrets, and simply be happy in the moment. Look towards the future with optimism.

26. Minimize the Clutter (Physically & Mentally)


Clutter is something which is exhausting. In all senses of the word. If you have things sitting around your house which you don’t use, learn to start selling or getting rid of them. The same goes for the thoughts in your head. Clear your mind out every once a while and relax. The less mess and clutter you have in your life, the more free space you have for better things.

27. Start a Side Hustle & Create Some Passive Income


28. Learn How to Dress & Be Fashionable


You don’t have your mom or dad to pick your clothes for you anymore. Hopefully, it’s been this way for a while. Update your wardrobe, get some clothes tailored, try a new brand or style. Be fashionable. By the time you reach 30, your looks are on their way down. Learning how to dress can help offset this problem!

29. Tweak Your Diet, Find a Sustainable & Healthy Way to Eat


As the saying goes, you are what you eat. For this reason, you need to be very careful about what you put into your body. Eat more fruits, veggies, and natural products. You can still go out to Taco Bell every so often, but it should be limited if you value your body and health.By 30, you should know how to eat in a healthy and sustainable fashion. Have control over your fat levels, cholesterol, alcohol consumption, sugar intake, and so on.

30. Throw Yourself a Badass and Awesome 30th Birthday Party


By the time you reach 30, you are probably warming up the idea of growing old. After all, you are no longer a teenager, college student, or really anywhere close anymore. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and party like a college student on your 30th birthday party, though!

Now start your own list of 40 things to do before 40!

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