5 Best Views of San Francisco

August 16, 2017

San Francisco is one of the most photogenic cities in the world and boasts some iconic views! There are numerous hikes and walks around the city that are breathtaking. This post will show you the 5 Best Views of San Francisco and pictures to prove it!

Battery Spencer

Battery Spencer Golden Gate Bridge

Some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from Battery Spencer at the Marin Headlands. The abandoned fort provides stunning 360 degree views of the bridge and sea. I would recommend driving up to Battery Spencer and then you can easily walk back to Vista Point and stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Vista Point

golden gate bridge vista point

One of my favorite viewpoints in San Francisco is Vista Point. You can watch cars rush by on the Golden Gate Bridge in both directions. The surrounding area is really nice and the view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge is hard to beat! After an hour or so of gazing, I walked across the bridge and back to the heart of SF.

Golden-Gate-bridge sunset

Baker Beach

If you’re looking for a beach with a great view of the Golden Gate bridge, then make sure you check out Baker Beach! The Northern part of the beach is occupied by sun bathers in their birthday suits and is officially a nude beach. But if this isn’t your scene, don’t worry, since the only the northern portion is a nude beach.  If you’re brave enough you can attempt to go for a swim, but the water will definitely be frigid unless you have a wet suit.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Night View

Twin Peaks is one of the most famous viewing points in San Francisco and it is easy to see why. The 900+ foot elevation provides a tremendous view of the city. There are two peaks and a viewing area at the top. The viewing area is easily accessible by car or you can make a strenuous hike up to the top. Arriving during the sunset would be the best time to make the trip since you can experience the transition between the day and night view.

Dolores Park

One of the best places to relax and enjoy a picnic is Dolores Park. The high elevation provides some unique views of the city. The park is filled with all sorts of interesting people doing all types of activities! The park was recently restored and looks fantastic. Dolores Park is located in the Mission district within walking distance from some world famous Mexican restaurants.

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