5 Reasons to Live Abroad Before You’re 30

October 15, 2015

There are so many good reasons to live abroad. Whether it is to study, work or just absorb another culture. Living abroad for the last 4+ years has really taught me a lot and has given me a unique perspective on the world. Living, working and studying in other countries has introduced me to some amazing people and has been a wonderful journey so far. Although, I do not think there is any “perfect” age to live abroad since everyone’s situation is unique. The reality is, it does become a lot easier for people under 30 to live a nomadic lifestyle. I’ve just recently relocated to Auckland, New Zealand and I absolutely love it here so far. There are for sure more than 5 reasons to live abroad before you’re 30, but here are some of the best ones:

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#1 Work and Travel Visas

Work visas can be a nightmare! Luckily, Americans and many other countries have opportunities to get a work and travel visa. Some of the countries that offer this service for Americans are Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Ireland. Work and travel visas allow you to do any job the locals can do, one of the main requirements is you need to be between the ages of 18-30. Depending on your field of expertise you can find some great jobs abroad. This is a great option if you want to start a career while living overseas or potentially earn more money. There are also a lot of jobs teaching English abroad. For example, Korea and many other countries will fly English teachers from their home country and pay for their accommodation. The monthly salaries are pretty high and allow teachers to save up and travel during or after their contract.


#2 Post Grad Life

Normally before the age of 30 most people are shuffling around jobs and just trying to enjoy their post graduate life style to the fullest. Once people graduate college, there are not as many commitments that would hold someone back from living abroad for a year or so. Once you buy a house or start a family it will be a lot harder to achieve your dream of living abroad. Even if you have student loans, there are plenty of opportunities to work abroad and start paying off your debt. I was able to Relocate to Australia with Under $5,000 and have moved to other countries with a lot less.

#3 It’s Cheap(er)

A lot of Youth Hostels around the world normally have an age cut off and don’t allow people over a certain age to use the facilities. There are also a lot of discounts for youth tickets around the world. Normally, the age cut off for most youth discounts are around 25 or 26, unless you have a student ID. Europe gives some huge discounts for students, so make sure you hold on to that student ID with no expiration date on it!

#4 Because it’s really fun and exciting!

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75” –Benjamin Franklin. This is probably one of the most obvious reasons, but moving to a new country is thrilling! Showing up to a country where the food, culture and people are new is something special.

#5 The People

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My favorite part of traveling is by far the people you meet! You are constantly put into new social situations and will meet fascinating people along the way. Learning to be more open and spontaneous has gotten me into some extremely fun situations and has created some lifelong friends.

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