5 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

September 26, 2019


One of the most expensive parts of international travel is paying for transportation costs. Whether it’s from Paris to Milan, or any possible route in between, finding cheap flights requires a little bit of background knowledge.

This is an industry full of middlemen and commission sales. Don’t worry, though. We are here to help. Here are 5 tips for you to avoid paying extra costs and to get the best possible deals on your next flights.

Fly During the Weekdays


The vast majority of people around the world spend their weekdays at work. After all, the typical work schedule forces people to be in the office from Monday through Friday. If you can get one of these days off, you will also access cheaper prices.

As a general rule of thumb, flights during the weekdays are much more affordable. If you want to find cheap flight tickets, start by narrowing your search down into just the weekdays.

Book Tickets 45 – 90 Days in Advance


Airlines tend to have the best deals when you book your flight in advance. The absolute worst thing you can do is show up at the airport and book your Chennai to Pune flight at the ticket office on credit card. This is a very wasteful habit to get started with.

For the best possible deals, plan out your trips in advance. But not too far in advance. Anywhere between 45 – 90 in advance of your departure date is the nice “sweet spot” for receiving the best possible deals.

Clear Your Browser Cookies


Cookies are something which many airline websites monitor while you are using their site. Using cookies, websites like this can see other flights that you have been searching for, what websites you were using to search for flights, and then have an idea of what price quotes you are receiving.

This is why you can’t just refresh your browser 100 times and all of a sudden receive better deals on flights. Before you start searching for flights, delete your browser cookies. If you go to a different website to compare prices, delete your cookies again.

Fly Economy Class on Budget Airlines


Hopefully, it goes without saying that you can fly a lot cheaper on certain airlines than you can on others. Many airline companies pride themselves for being affordable. These are the companies that you want to book your flight tickets are to get the best possible deals. Also, fly in economy class to save yourself the extra cash. There are a ton of low cost airlines, which can be viewed here.

Keep Your Days Flexible


If you absolutely need to fly on a particular date and time, you will need to pay the extra cost in order to do so. This is why many airline booking companies allow you to search for flights within a range of dates. It is common to be able to search for flight dates by month, week, or even by the year!

In any case, another great way to ensure that you get the best deal possible on your flights is by keeping your dates flexible. If you are able to leave on a wider range of possible departure dates, you will be able to buy flights on dates which are the cheapest. Travel can be complicated, that why I suggest trying to simplify things and look at long term travel!

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