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Gwangju Art and Culture Center

Recently I went to the  for a concert. The last time I came here was for the National Geographic photography exhibition, which finished recently. I was excited to see a different part of the culture center; this particular event was held in the concert hall. One of my friends and classmate obtained tickets to the concert […]

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Cherry Blossoms Korea

Expat Life in South Korea: My Experience With Gwangju

Over the past three years of living abroad I have had a fair share of experiencing different expat communities around the world. My expat experiences are mostly from Europe and Australia.  Moving to a new country gets easier over time, but it is hard to know what to expect from the expat community and before […]

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Living Under 10 Dollars a Day in Gwangju

Occasionally I’ll be posting about how to spend a day for less than 10,000 Won (or about $8.67).  Today I will be focusing on the Chonnam Back Gate area; with a close proximity to the university there are so many bars and restaurants with affordable prices.  The main goal of this post is to have […]

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