Backpacking Travel List

August 12, 2014

Packing can be an absolute nightmare. I dread it almost every time, but it has gotten extremely easier over the years. Once you realize that there are only a few crucial items, (passport, credit cards, medication) practically everything else can be replaced on the road. Today I am going to share with you my Backpacking Travel List. This list is what I have packed for 3+ month trips and seems to get shorter each trip. Packing for a 10 day trip or 4 months doesn’t really matter much, considering I try to pack enough for 10-15 days before doing laundry. My list is for traveling in a warm climate so keep that in mind.

Backpacking travel list Asia√ Backpack (I recommend buying a bag that fits carry on dimensions. My bag is the perfect dimensions, but top loader backpacks are really annoying so I highly recommend against them!)

√ Daybag (this is vital and perfect for any small trips, I use the Timbuk 2 Hidden Messanger bag because it is tiny.)

√ Passport and Visas

√ Valuable/Cash/Credit Cards (call all your credit/debit card companies to let them know you’re leaving the country)

√ Make copies of your passports/credit cards (I email copies to myself or keep some locked on my phone)

√ Medication (Anything you need I highly recommend Gold Bond and Immodium both of these are life savers).

√ Electronics (any cords or cables you need, camera laptop, phone etc.) TIP: Most US carriers will unlock your cell phone so you can just put a local sim in for A LOT cheaper.

√ Local Adapter plug (9 times out of 10 you just need the adapter, don’t bother with the bulky converters)

√ Travel Lock (I use this Brinks Lock since it is perfect for hostels

√ Toiletries (razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc

√ Umbrella (normally I don’t bring one but it depends on the destination)

√ Clothes:

⊕ 10 briefs (check out my Travel Hacks for an underwear hack and much more) Once I run out of briefs then it is time to do laundry, so I pack a lot.
⊕ 9 shirts
⊕ 2 tanks (it is HOT in SE Asia!)
⊕ 2 shorts
⊕ 1 pair of jeans
⊕ 2 shoes (1 pair Sperrys 1 pair sneakers) I love Sperrys because they don’t require socks and I have a pair of shoes that are comfy and fashionable enough to wear to nice bars/clubs)
⊕ 7 pairs socks
⊕ 1 towel
⊕ Swimsuit

Backpacking travel list

(All my clothes for 3+ Months)

What are your favorite backpacking travel tips? Leave a comment below and share!

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