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I just recently started teaching myself how to use Lightroom this year. My camera gear has been significantly upgraded and so has my editing software. If you haven’t tried out Lightroom for editing photos, I highly recommend it. The software is extremely intuitive. One of the wonderful things about Lightroom is the simplicity to install presets. Using presets makes quick photo touch ups a breeze! Basically, presets adjust the settings to make any photo look better. Unlike a filter, the presets are highly adjustable and can be tweaked to perfect your photo. More or less, it is a great starting point to save time for editing photos. Today I am reviewing the best Adobe Lightroom presets for the price that I have discovered.

One of the best presets I discovered are made by TheCreativv. The price is also extremely affordable for how great the presets are!

Below you can see TheCreativv’s description and different presets! All of the presets are super unique and I can tell they put a lot of time into adjusting each preset. I love all of the presets, but my favorite one is the Cinematik. It adds a wonderful and subtle improvement to all my daylight landscape photos.


The before (top) and after (bottom) the preset has been applied.


I am asked quite often how I achieve the tones in my Instagram photos (@thecreativv), so I decided to release my favorite personal preset. I created this preset to transform landscapes into moody environments. This works well with photos shot in overcast/cloudy weather, but has a nice effect on blue skies as well. I would stay away from photos with visible sunlight rays, but you might find that it works for you!


Give your images that “cinematic” feel with dark aqua tones in the shadows and bright yellow and orange tones in the highlights. This preset generally looks best with cooler light temperatures, so don’t be afraid to drag the white balance temperature slider towards the blue end.


If your landscape is looking a bit flat and lacks that certain punch, give your editing a kickstart with this preset. It mimics the effects of a polarizing lens filter by deepening the colors in your sky, while also increasing the vibrance and contrast of your overall image.


Turn your images into striking black & white masterpieces with this preset. To make the most of this preset, focus on the colors of the Black & White Mix (located in the HSL / Color / B&W panel) and adjust the sliders to brighten or darken certain features in your photos.


This preset gives your photos a “retro” feel by combining aqua skies with warm shadows and highlights. Try this preset on photos with blue skies for best results. Just a head’s up — this preset has a bit of grain added to give it more of a “retro” effect, but you can easily remove it in the Effects panel.

You can buy all 5 of these great presets for $4.99!

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If you want to see some more of these great presets in action, check out TheCreativv on Instagram!

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