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March 26, 2017

Searching for the best travel insurance company for your next trip can be a very stressful task. After all, how are you to be sure that each company offers the service that you personally need? To make things easier for you, we have simplified your search.

Since there are hundreds of different companies that offer some sort of travel insurance, we have created a list of only the best travel insurance companies. Use this list if you want to search through the best possible options to support your lifestyle.

World Nomads

World Nomads continues to be the best company for travel insurance simply because of the wide array of amenities that come along with their service. For example, high-risk activities such as bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, zorbing, and over 150 other activities are all covered under their insurance plans.

Another area where World Nomads sticks out is their charitable status. With each plan, you have the option to donate a small sum to specific charities which support things like clean water for impoverished people.

World Nomads also offers you the ability to buy coverage after arriving in your destination, coverage lasting for long periods of time, 24/7 assistance, baggage protection, emergency medical and dental expenses, medical transportation, medical evacuation, trip cancellation, and more. Some countries in the world have different services than others, so be sure to get a free quote for your specific needs today.

The reason World nomads remains the best travel insurance company is simple, you can enjoy coverage which lasts long periods of time, you can expect competitive pricing to compare with any other travel company, and even get services like iPhone or Android language help, to help you connect with your local language. You can get a free quote here to see if it fits your travel budget. 

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex Insurance Services might be for you if you don’t mind planning out your entire trip in advance. People with structural personalities won’t mind that you will have to have your trip booked in the future to book insurance.

Travelex also offers some pretty good benefits, but it comes at a comparatively high price. For example, if you book their Travel Max plan, you will expect to receive up to $1 million in medical evacuation benefits. However, you would also have to put up with a maximum trip length of 180 days, and a maximum trip cost of $50,000. This company is best reserved for people who work corporate jobs at home, and travel solely for vacation.

Travel Safe Insurance

Travel Safe Insurance is another great option for a traveler who only goes on spurts of travel for less than 120 days at a time. For everybody else, you will only be able to find some pretty good medical insurance from this company.

Even with their basic plan, TravelSafe offers some needed amenities such as emergency medical and dental, trip cancellation and interruption, missed connection, travel delay, and baggage protection plans. The only downside here is the maximum of 120 days.

HTH Travel Insurance

If international health insurance is your primary concern, then HTH Travel Insurance might be the best option for you. This company specializes specifically in offering a wide array of medical coverages, instead of travel-related coverages.

However, if you are a traveler looking for some quality travel coverage, they still have a few decent options for you. Like many other travel insurance companies, these plans don’t offer coverage for trips that exceed 90 days in length. Long story short, if you want great international medical coverage and are only planning a short stay abroad, this company will work well for you.

Allianz Global Assistance

The only other top company which offers insurance coverage plans longer for days, Allianz Global Assistance offers some of the cheapest plans available for journeys lasting up to 12 months. If you don’t need to worry about potentially injuring yourself doing some sort of extreme sport, you might find this company to be the best insurance you need for your safe lifestyle.

With Allianz, you should expect to get only the bare essentials, at one of the lowest prices. If you are planning a trip where you don’t foresee a need to take out a claim, this might be the best option for you to travel with some peace of mind.

Which is the Best Travel Insurance Company?

Picking travel insurance can be a very daunting task. We did research on the best travel insurance companies to help you find the best possible service. Before you select the travel insurance that is right for you, keep in mind what you need personally, how long your trip is, and the activities you like to do while traveling.

If you want only the best range of services at the most competitive price, World Nomads should be your top pick. I have been personally using World Nomads for the past 5 years of traveling and they are great! I have had multiple claims for doctors visits and unexpected travel mishaps that were covered. 

If you have a trip lasting less than six months, you might consider going with Travelex Insurance Services, Travel Safe Insurance, or HTH Travel Insurance. If you are looking for solely the cheapest price for your trip under 12 months, check out Allianz Global Assistance.  

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