Best Travel Laptops 2019

February 24, 2019

best travel laptops

Anybody searching for the best travel laptops for travel has plenty of options to choose from. Although many of the best laptops for travel can vary in price, operating system, specifications, price, and so on, people of any budget will still be content with their laptop. Sometimes you need to save some extra money to ensure that you can purchase one of the best laptops for traveling. However, people on a budget will still be able to get a great laptop.

Each of the following products below was carefully handpicked and widely considered by many to be the best travel laptops.

Best All Around Travel Laptop

Due to the high-quality operating system that is heavily resistant to viruses and plug-and-play usability with most USB accessories, the MacBook Pro remains as the best travel laptops of 2019 has to offer us. The main reason that this is the best travel laptop is that the MacBook Pro is the most reliable and stable computer that is on the market. PC users constantly will have to buy and renew antivirus programs, and continually monitor for viruses and spyware. Thankfully, Apple products are far less prone to this problem.

Another reason many people consider this to be the best travel laptop is that you can purchase accessories of any sort (separate keyboard, hard drives, and so on) and immediately plug in the device to use it. PC users will occasionally have to search online for drivers that allow your computer to use accessories. If you are on the go and sometimes without internet, this can be a big problem.

If you want the best travel laptop, just save the extra money and invest in this model. You will thank me later. A 3.1 GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM will be fast enough for any of your computer needs while traveling. You can check prices for the MacBook Pro Here!

Best Travel Laptop Under $1000

If your budget is right under $1000, you will still get one of the best travel laptops. The MacBook Air (2017 version) is very competitively-priced and comes with a lot of great features. Since this model is notorious for being small and thin, you will definitely want to get a great case to protect it. However, it will prove to be very easy to carry around and hide from potential thieves. Since it is so small, it is easily the best ultraportable laptop that is available on the market.

If you want the best portable laptop that comes with a wide range of features, make this your top option. The reason it is one of the best travel laptops is that it comes with most of the high-quality features that you expect in an Apple operating system, it is portable and more affordable than a MacBook Pro. It also has a nice 8 GB of RAM to keep it running smoothly. I used the MacBook Air for about 4 years and absolutely loved it for traveling, it’s still a perfect computer to travel with. You can check the MacBook Air prices here.

Best Travel Laptop Under $600

If you want a pretty good all-around laptop but don’t want to invest any more than $600, the best travel laptop for you to consider is the Acer Aspire. What really stands out about this model is that it has 8 GB of RAM, a pretty decent hard drive capacity (256 GB), and a 3.1GHz i5 processor. Since it has 2 GB of video memory, gamers will be able to play most of their favorite games with this device while traveling.

Considering that this model comes with the specifications of a typical Apple OS computer for about half of the price, it is easy to understand why people still like to use Windows computers. Since it is much more affordable than an Apple OS and packs a punch with its specifications, this is easily one of the best travel laptops on the market. Click here to check the Acer Aspire prices.

Best Travel Laptop Under $300

Since most people have started using programs like DropBox, Google Drive, and so on, the need for a big hard drive has become less important to many travelers who use their computer for online work. As a result, the ASUS Chromebook is one of the best travel laptops due to its unbeatable price. Since it is small and easy to carry around, you might also consider it to be the best portable laptop.

Although it only comes with 16 GB of flash storage, it has 4 GB of RAM and a 2.48 processor. The RAM and processing speed make it extremely competitive. Click here to see the current ASUS Chromebook prices on Amazon.

Best Touchscreen Travel Laptop

Having a touchscreen laptop will guarantee that your laptop can be used on the go. If you want one of the best travel laptops, being able to use your computer in tight spaces will sometimes be necessary (think planes buses, taxis, and so on). In my experience, the best touchscreen travel laptop is the HP Spectre x360 since it is jam-packed with great features and can easily fold down and be used like a tablet.

Although it is not the most affordable laptop on this list, frugal people can always consider looking at cheaper options (like this one from Dell) instead. However, remember that you will always get what you pay for. If you want one of the best travel laptops, you should simply just purchase this HP Spectre one for the best features and reliability. It’s a bit expensive, but this James Bond-esque laptop is extremely sharp, fast and worth the investment! Click here to see the current prices on Amazon.

Best Tablet for Travel

If you want the best tablet for travel, you probably don’t want to spend that money. Since options like the iPad Pro can cost more than some of the laptops above, the best tablet for travel is easily the Fire HD 8 Tablet. Since it is small and capable of doing all of the features that a laptop can, many people consider a tablet like this to be the best ultraportable laptop.

If you want the best portable laptop but dislike the price of some of the best options, you might consider just getting a tablet like this. Its specifications aren’t bad considering that the price is usually under $100. With 1.5 GB of RAM, 16 GB of space, and only has an 8-inch screen, this is the best tablet for travel. Click here to check the Fire HD 8 Tablet prices on Amazon.

Best Travel Laptops: Summarized

Any of the best travel laptops above are great for carrying around the world. However, if you simply want the best travel laptop, your first option should be the MacBook Pro since it will be reliable and stable enough to ensure that a virus or accessory driver won’t impede your travels. However, any of the other products are widely considered to be some of the best laptops for travel.

For example, If you like the Apple operating system but want a smaller and more affordable option, consider the MacBook Air. If your budget is lower than $600 you can still purchase one of the best travel laptops. Due to its competitive price and features, the Acer Aspire is also worth checking out. If you are frugal and want to purchase the best travel laptop for under $300, the ASUS Chromebook should suit your needs perfectly.

If you would like to have a touchscreen computer, look no further than the HP Spectre x360 due to its amazing specifications that easily make it one of the best travel laptops overall. Lastly, anybody who wants to save some cash and instead purchase a tablet, take a look at the Fire HD 8 Tablet. After looking through this list of the best laptops for traveling you might still be interested in looking through some other travel accessories. If you want to check out the best travel cameras, be sure to check out my post of the best travel cameras in 2019.

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