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November 18, 2014

Over the years I have heard a lot of hype about and how you can get some great deals. Priceline is one of my affiliates, so I decided to give the site a try and share my experience.  We have all seen the Priceline negotiator advertisements on TV, but those commercials do not exactly outline how the site works. There are two ways to book on, first is like any normal travel site booking where you put in your dates then select the rooms at a certain price. The second unique method lets you bid and select your own price for a certain area in a city. This post will show you book five star hotels with Priceline.


To provide the easiest explanation I will show how I booked my most recent stay in Seoul, Korea. Hotels are extremely overpriced in Korea and a lot of times you can get a better room at a “love motel” which run around $50-10o per night while hotels are normally 2x or 3x that price. So if you are on a budget and traveling around Korea love motels are the way to go. Anyway, back to booking my room. The way the Name Your Own Price feature works is pretty simple.

Step 1- Choose your Dates

Step 2- Choose your location (I chose Gangnam which is one of the most expensive districts in Seoul)

Step 3- Choose Star level (I chose 5 stars)

Step 4- Name Your Own Price (My suggestion is to check the lowest 5 star rates and substantially low ball it, on average this area runs around $300 per night, so I put in $100 and hit bid. This price was accepted after putting in my credit card info.

Step 5- Put in your credit card info (*Important: Remember after this point the money is not refundable and you have no clue what hotel they will put you in, so it was pretty exciting)

*If your offer is too low then they will give you another chance to bid at a different price.

After these 5 steps the room that was selected for me was The Marriott Renaissance Hotel which on the same night booking via other search engines would have been $300+, even on Priceline’s normal booking method resulted in $311 per night after taxes.  So I was able to get a 5 star hotel room for $128

Priceline 5 star discount

        (Actual price I paid (by bidding on Priceline) vs Normal booking prices from travel sites)

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