Boracay Nightlife Guide

July 5, 2016

Boracay is truly an amazing place! Even though, at certain times of the year the island is packed with honeymooners and tourists. There is something special about this place and the tourists flock here for a reason. After spending 7 nights here I decided to write a Boracay Nightlife Guide. There is something for everyone on the beautiful island of Boracay!

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Glorious sunshine, sparkling azure waters and sand so smooth they don’t even heat up under a vengeful sun. Normally, visages of this kind of paradise are associated with relaxation, solace and isolation. Boracay Island, located in the Philippines an island nation in Southeast Asia fits about every description we highlighted in our first sentence. The one advantage that the island has is a 2.5-mile stretch of beach called White Beach.

White Beach makes up for its lack of naming creativity from the natural marvel that it is. Named by TripAdvisor in 2015 as Asia’s Best Beach, this slice of heaven contains all the elements that make you wonder why Leo DiCaprio’s character even bothered to seek out his beach. From waters so clear that you can see the gradual change in color from shallow to deep to finely powdered sand you can mistakenly put in your coffee the stretch has all the elements for relaxation. The whole scene transforms in a glorious metamorphosis at night though and I don’t mean in a fright night werewolf manner, I’m talking about a vibrant nightlife that will appeal to any type of partier!

The first order of the pre-night routine is to sit down, grab a drink or four and visually treat your soul to a beautiful sunset. In countries along the equator, the sun normally sets from 5:45pm to 6:15pm so make yourself nice and comfy at a spot along the beach any time before that. All of the bars along White Beach have a happy hour promo that starts as early as 3pm and can go all the way into midnight for some. It’s customary to have 2 for 1 drinks during this promo and with already very affordable drinks, this makes it an even better deal. Station 2 located in the center of White Beach is the place you’d be best equipped to watch the sunset and prepare yourself for the night scene that follows. But right now, all you have to think about is that wonderful sunset.

Boracay White Beach

After downing your drinks and feeling really good about that sunset, it’s time to turn gastronomic and stop by one of the many restaurants along White Beach. A local favorite is a place called D’Talipapa, it’s closer to Station 3 on the Southern part of the island. A “talipapa” is a local term for a little, fresh market. Here you’ll literally shop for the catch of the day and select which of the selection you’d want to dine on. Several stalls are nearby so you can provide them with the fresh food you worked so hard to catch, from the market that is, and then you can have them cook it up in any way you want. Grilled with lemon butter? Sure thing. Deep fried to crispy perfection? No problem. Swimming in Asian sweet and sour sauce? Anytime. The advantage of this method is that you’ll get great prices and you get a flavor of how the locals procure their food. Have a few bottles of the country’s famous San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer along with the sumptuous feast you’re about to enjoy.

With stomachs filled and a little buzz coming through to make you feel good, there’s the matter of heading out to more bars and pubs down White Beach. The Coco Bar located in Station 2 and is part of the Red Coconut Resort is a great place to grab some drinks and listen to some loud dance music. If you want a more quiet place to drink and have a conversation with a friend you just made or an old one, try going over to the Kalinga Bar. The music is usually beach chill and reggae, which completes the ambience of the area. If you’re feeling adventurous to try something new, order up a Shisha, which is a Middle-Eastern traditional water pipe. It comes in several flavors like apple, mint, strawberry and a few others. If you want to cover as much ground as possible and make some new friends who share the same kind of liver as you do, check out the Boracay Pub Crawl Philippines organization at their site. They offer various pub crawl packages that cater to anyone all year long.

The bars normally wind down at around 2am and this signals the cue to sample the island’s club scene. The favorite club on the island is Epic, located right in Station 2 outside the open air strip mall known as D’Mall. The club extends out in to the sands of the beach and for those looking to stay away from tourist traps, don’t worry. As popular as this club is, it still carries affordable prices on drinks, food and club music. If local flavor is what you seek, head out to Cocomangas. This club is a Boracay legend and is an establishment on the island. The club is famous for its “15 Shots and Standing” challenge. If you’re still standing after a burst of instant alcohol infusions then you get to put your name on the wall and represent your country. There are rumors that you’d get a shirt that says, “I did the 15 Shots and Standing Challenge and all I got was this lousy shirt.” These rumors are unconfirmed, however.

Feel free to party away all the way until dawn and wait for the sun to rise. If you’re feeling hungry after all that dancing and clubbing you can drop by Jammers, which is right beside Epic in Station 2 to grab some comfort food to fill you up before that stroll back to your hotel. Don’t oversleep though, because with the sun coming up, the beauty and other side of Boracay beckons and you wouldn’t want to miss that.

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