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Relocating to a New Country with Under $5,000: 16 Essentials tips for moving to Australia

This post is based on my experience of moving to Australia with less than $5,000.  I met one person who moved to Australia with just $1,000! There truly is no magic number of savings you need. It all depends on your comfort level. The less money you have, then the more motivated you will be […]

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Sometimes I Hate To Fly

Sometimes I hate to fly! I normally love to fly, but the act of getting to the airport 3-4 hours early and having a lot of things go wrong can turn my love of flying into a loathe of flying. I just landed in Sydney today and had a pretty long and crazy trip from Manila […]

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Sydney Nightlife Guide

Living in Sydney has been one of the highlights of my travels. The unique cityscape, close proximity to world class beaches, friendly locals, good food and crazy nightlife puts Sydney towards the top of my best nightlife guide. Although Australian government is quite strict about drinking (taxes, rules, etc), the locals don’t seem to be […]

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How to Travel and Play Sports Overseas: Interview with Tony Meier

Tony and I have known each other for a while and played Volleyball together in High School and also both played Basketball at Lafayette. I got a chance to visit Tony when we were both living in Australia. He has a wonderful story about how he is living his dream of playing professional basketball and […]

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