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Screen Golf in Gwangju: You Have to Try it!

This weekend my friends and I went out to play some virtual golf. I had played screen golf once before at a bar in St. Louis, Missouri but it had been a few years since I had touched a golf club. Actually I used to work at a country club when I was a teenager, […]

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Team Building and Beer Call in Gwangju

“Team Building” is the Korean equivalent of going to happy hour after work in the US. In the workplace of Korea, it is usually required to attend if an upper-level colleague suggests a get together after work. Team Building for my MBA program doesn’t have the same ‘mandatory’ requirement, but who in their right minds would […]

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Sports Directory for Students and Expats in Gwangju

Since spring is here and summer weather is just around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to compile a Sports Directory. Gwangju has a Facebook group for practically everything you could be interested in, but it is hard to find all the information in one place.  Gwangju has plenty to offer […]

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night clubs in gwangju

Club Life in Korea: Guide to Clubs in Gwangju

Weekend warriors have become a common phrase to describe people who work hard all week and party hard on the weekends.  It is sort of the transitional phase from after graduating college and focusing more on your career.  Although you are new to the workplace you still enjoy your old lifestyle, but only on the […]

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Spring Activities Gwangju

Spring Activities in Gwangju: Things to do During Springtime

Spring has certainly sprung and started to ease its way into the picture the past few weeks. The presence of cloudy rainy days followed by clear skies and sunshine gives off a nice sense of anticipation for the upcoming spring season. This Sunday was a glorious day filled with perfect weather and I hope everyone […]

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