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Club Ibiza in Gwangju

Club Ibiza in Gwangju Expat Review

This weekend I headed to Club Ibiza to explore more of the Club Life in Gwangju. Saturday night was headlined by two expat DJs, a duo known by the name DYAD. There is a good chance you have noticed the white cars driving around bumping loud techno music and sporting a big Ibiza logo. The club has taken a cool […]

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Expat Life in Korea

Membership Training in South Korea: What to Expect

Membership training or MT was a new concept that was introduced to me last semester.  After our midterms our entire class drove out to a nearby resort for our weekend at MT. This is basically an event for a group (classmates, co-workers, etc.) to get together and do some social activities and escape the barriers […]

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Differences Between USA and Korea: Housewarming Party in Gwangju

Housewarming parties have many different traditions depending on which country you are in. In the United States, the norm is to show off your new home or apartment to friends and family. At most housewarming parties in the United States you will bring a dish, snack or some alcohol for the host and guests. There […]

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5 Awesome Korean Soju Uses

My first experience drinking Soju was while living in Europe. A South Korean friend brought me out to have some Korean food, and of course Soju. At first, I was a bit confused since I thought we were only going to drink shots with our dinner. After the first initial shot, I realized it was acceptable […]

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Freecycle in Gwangju

Freecycle in Gwangju: How to Get Involved

In today’s post, we are going to discuss a great program and event happening in Gwangju. The group is called Freecycle and they are hosting an event this Saturday, March 15th from 11:00am-5:00pm at the GIC. For more information you can join the Facebook group here. Today I caught up with Lianne Bronzo, who is a big part […]

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