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Gwangju Art and Culture Center

Recently I went to the  for a concert. The last time I came here was for the National Geographic photography exhibition, which finished recently. I was excited to see a different part of the culture center; this particular event was held in the concert hall. One of my friends and classmate obtained tickets to the concert […]

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Cherry Blossoms Korea

Expat Life in South Korea: My Experience With Gwangju

Over the past three years of living abroad I have had a fair share of experiencing different expat communities around the world. My expat experiences are mostly from Europe and Australia.  Moving to a new country gets easier over time, but it is hard to know what to expect from the expat community and before […]

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Top Bars to Watch Sports in Gwangju

World cup fever is among us.  Every four years the world is brought together with one of the most popular sports worldwide; Football! (aka soccer!) The world cup creates a friendly worldwide competition that brings each country together to cheer for their home country.  It also creates a ‘friendly’ rivalry between international friends. The FIFA […]

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First Birthday Party Tradition in Korea (Doljanchi) 

Birthdays in Korea are always an interesting thing for me (even after a year being here). It can be a bit confusing since Koreans are the only country to do birthdays so different. Age is one of the most important things in Korean culture.  Koreans don’t actually get older on their birthday, but add a year […]

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The Biggest Mud Festival in the World: Boryeong, South Korea

This weekend I headed to the biggest mud festival in the World, which is located just two hours from Gwangju.  The festival runs from July 18th-27th and is held at Daecheon beach.  Busses run rather frequently from Gwangju, so if you missed it this weekend you still have plenty of time to make it there. History: The festival […]

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