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Living Under 10 Dollars a Day in Gwangju

Occasionally I’ll be posting about how to spend a day for less than 10,000 Won (or about $8.67).  Today I will be focusing on the Chonnam Back Gate area; with a close proximity to the university there are so many bars and restaurants with affordable prices.  The main goal of this post is to have […]

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Pizza and Banana Vending Machine in Korea

Japan is always known to have a ton of interesting vending machines, but I think Korea wins for having the most unique vending machines I have ever seen. The pizza vending machine located in Gangnam (Seoul) and banana vending machine are both hilarious. My friend said the pizza tasted subpar but I assume the bananas taste […]

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Housewarming in South Korea

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that everyone from the US had a wonderful 4th of July celebration and all the Canadians had a great Canada day! Independence day is one of my favorite holidays and it goes back to my early childhood and love for fireworks. Each year my Dad, Brother and I would […]

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Ultra Korea 2015

Most Koreans are on their way to work as my friends and I embarked on a journey to Ultra Korea 2015. Carrying copious amounts of liquid fun on the public transport, we slowly start to hear the sound of that lovely bass. We slowly approached the massive Olympic stadium in Seoul and arrived at one […]

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Interview: A Professor Abroad

This week, I got to interview Dr. George David Shows. He is a professor of marketing at Appalachian State University and came to Chonnam University as a visiting professor for six weeks. Thank you for the interview, Dr. Shows! How did you end up in Gwangju? At Appalachian State I received an email from our Graduate […]

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