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Seoul Photo Blog

Last month I was selected to do some freelance photography & Writing for a Seoul magazine. This was actually a job I found through my Instagram page where I post the majority of my travel photos. I was super stoked to see my writing and photography printed in a magazine! Anyway, the freelance job got me […]

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Hitchhiking Korea

Over the years of traveling hitchhiking has always been something I wanted to try and I finally gave it a shot and hitched hiked the full length of Korea from Seoul to Busan. Hitchhiking Korea is extremely safe in my opinion and it is probably just as safe or safer than any other country I […]

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Working Out in South Korea

Working out in South Korea has been a pretty interesting part of my routine. When I was studying my MBA, the University had a really affordable gym for $20 a month. Recently I relocated from Gwangju (Korea’s 5th Largest city) to the capital city, Seoul. During my time in Gwangju the gym goers varied from 80 year […]

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Exploring Noryangjin Fish Market Seoul

As we left the Noryangjin metro my friends and I proceeded in anticipation towards a salt filled ocean aroma. If you are lost and en route to the fish market just follow your nose. As we got closer, the wonderful ocean smell swiftly turned into an overwhelming, unique scent of fresh fish. The scent was […]

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Book Five Star Hotels with Priceline

Over the years I have heard a lot of hype about and how you can get some great deals. Priceline is one of my affiliates, so I decided to give the site a try and share my experience.  We have all seen the Priceline negotiator advertisements on TV, but those commercials do not exactly outline how […]

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