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Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe and both times I visited this wonderful city I had an amazing time. There is something for everyone in this bustling city and I figured it was about time to create a Barcelona travel guide. One of the great things about Barcelona is it has the […]

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Trampled While Running with the Bulls in Spain

This week I caught up with one of my buddies who I met while we were at the San Fermin festival in 2011. We ran with the bulls together, but he ended up getting trampled while running with the bulls in Spain. ┬áIt was such a hectic experience that I had no clue what had […]

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Running with the Bulls: Survival Guide

It was crowded, hot and very humid aboard the sweat-filled bus. The majority of the passengers were cover head to toe in white clothing. Some sporting red scarves and handkerchiefs (that’s actually how you spell it…no joke). We had just hopped on a bus in Madrid and were heading to Pamplona, Spain to RUN WITH […]

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