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Sneaking Into Russia

It sounds like a sophisticated and illegal task, but neither is true. Today I will be writing about how to spend 3 days in St. Petersburg, Russia without a visa. The mayor or whoever is in charge of tourism has made it possible to enter the country via cruise ship without having to go through […]

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Oktoberfest in Munich

Do you remember that feeling after spring break? You have been on a 5-day/night drinking bender. Broke, sunburnt and exhausted.  You went hard. The last thing you want to do is drink for at least a few days. This is exactly how I felt, but I had been doing this for almost 3 months now. […]

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Interview by “Where is Kait?”

My good friend, Kait, who I met in Prague, asked me to do an interview for her blog…here is her questions and my answers. Hope you enjoy and you can check out more posts on her great blog: Where is Kait? – Check her travel site out here! It’s baaaaaaack! Man, I absolutely LOVE these […]

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That One Collectible

Every traveler that I run into seem to have some sort of collectible they like to pick up in every city or every country. I have met people who collect city magnets, sports jerseys, t-shirts, and even spoons. Sometimes it is not even an item, just something they try to do in each country. The most popular […]

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How I Caught The Travel Bug

It all began with War….War on Terror. Well not directly, but you could make a case for it.  In 2008 my Dad was asked if he wanted to do some contract work in  Baghdad, Iraq helping the city restructure electrical turbines. He accepted even though our family was mostly opposed.  Anyway, instead of my Dad […]

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