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Why Our Perception of Travel is Flawed

I think one of the most misleading things about travel is the association that it is expensive.   I blame the travel industry and US airlines having a sort of a monopoly on certain flight tracks. We have this flawed perception that to travel long term you need to be a wealthy millionaire. While this may […]

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Day tripping in San Francisco: Ginormous trees & Incredible views

If you have already checked Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Warf and the Golden Gate Bridge off your list it is time to make a few day trips from outside of San Francisco.  All of these places make for perfect day or half day trips.   Day trip to Muir Woods via Marin Headlands: It is time to […]

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Sneaking Into Russia

It sounds like a sophisticated and illegal task, but neither is true. Today I will be writing about how to spend 3 days in St. Petersburg, Russia without a visa. The mayor or whoever is in charge of tourism has made it possible to enter the country via cruise ship without having to go through […]

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Oktoberfest in Munich

Do you remember that feeling after spring break? You have been on a 5-day/night drinking bender. Broke, sunburnt and exhausted.  You went hard. The last thing you want to do is drink for at least a few days. This is exactly how I felt, but I had been doing this for almost 3 months now. […]

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Interview by “Where is Kait?”

My good friend, Kait, who I met in Prague, asked me to do an interview for her blog…here is her questions and my answers. Hope you enjoy and you can check out more posts on her great blog: Where is Kait? – Check her travel site out here! It’s baaaaaaack! Man, I absolutely LOVE these […]

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