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10 Photos That Will Have You on the Next Flight to New Zealand

New Zealand is a landscape photographer’s dream! After living, working, hitch hiking and traveling around New Zealand for 6 months, I decided to compile 10 of my best shots of New Zealand. Here are my 10 photos that will have you on the next flight to New Zealand! Wellington, NZ is the Windiest City in the world […]

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7 Bizarre Foods I Have Eaten

I always say I will try any food at least once. This unfortunately has come back to haunt me in a few instances. Today’s post will go in depth about 7 bizarre foods I have eaten. Most of them were pretty disgusting, but a few are actually really delicious and I highly recommend trying them! […]

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Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

I just recently started teaching myself how to use Lightroom this year. My camera gear has been significantly upgraded and so has my editing software. If you haven’t tried out Lightroom for editing photos, I highly recommend it. The software is extremely intuitive. One of the wonderful things about Lightroom is the simplicity to install […]

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How to Make a Website in 15 Minutes

Making a website seems like something insanely difficult for the average Joe. Today I will show you How to Make a Website in 15 Minutes. Making a website has become extremely simple and doesn’t require any coding especially if you create a website with wordpress! Step 1: Register your domain. (I personally use They are […]

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Earn A FREE Flight Today!

The airline industry is becoming stricter every year about their frequent flier programs. There is a large transition into revenue based frequent flier redemptions and this makes flying for free a bit more difficult. Luckily, there is still a good way to fly for free. This post will teach you how to earn a FREE […]

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