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Earn A FREE Flight Today!

The airline industry is becoming stricter every year about their frequent flier programs. There is a large transition into revenue based frequent flier redemptions and this makes flying for free a bit more difficult. Luckily, there is still a good way to fly for free. This post will teach you how to earn a FREE […]

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Get upgraded to Business Class for Free

The notorious FREE business class upgrade was something I always dreamed of! After thousands and thousands of miles and trips around the world I started to wonder why I was never upgraded for free while flying? There are a few ways to get upgraded to business class for free and it has happened to me […]

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Travel Hacking with Multi-City Flights

Travel Hacking with Multi-City Flights! Throughout the years of flying I have picked up a few great tips that have saved me a lot of money and let me travel to extra destinations for around the same cost. One feature, which most people know about, but little use, is the Mult-City flight-booking engine. Best ways […]

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