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8 Healthy Travel Tips

This week I caught up with my good friend Kelsey who will talk about one of the hardest things to do while traveling. Staying in shape, eating healthy and keeping fit is extremely difficult while on the road! Kelsey has plenty of fitness experience: NPC national qualifier, Former D1 athlete Soccer Player for University of […]

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Pizza and Banana Vending Machine in Korea

Japan is always known to have a ton of interesting vending machines, but I think Korea wins for having the most unique vending machines I have ever seen. The pizza vending machine located in Gangnam (Seoul) and banana vending machine are both hilarious. My friend said the pizza tasted subpar but I assume the bananas taste […]

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5 Reasons to Live Abroad Before You’re 30

There are so many good reasons to live abroad. Whether it is to study, work or just absorb another culture. Living abroad for the last 4+ years has really taught me a lot and has given me a unique perspective on the world. Living, working and studying in other countries has introduced me to some […]

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