Club Life in Korea: Guide to Clubs in Gwangju

February 17, 2017

night clubs in gwangju

Weekend warriors have become a common phrase to describe people who work hard all week and party hard on the weekends.  It is sort of the transitional phase from after graduating college and focusing more on your career.  Although you are new to the workplace you still enjoy your old lifestyle, but only on the weekend.  Today I’ll be focusing on nightlife and give a short clubbing guide to Gwangju.

Bar life is plentiful in the city; there is literally a restaurant or bar on every corner. Sometimes you need to add a little more excitement in the night. So after enjoying some food, soju and great conversation it is time to head off to enjoy some loud music, dancing and check out the club scene.  The club life has a hard time keeping up with other major cities like Seoul or internationally famous cities such as Ibiza in Spain. It is a bit unfair to make the comparison though. Gwangju encompasses its own style of nightlife and offers a more sincere experience than the Mecca clubs around the world.  You won’t waste your night standing in line or having to blow your paycheck on one night out.

Korea-Based DJ, John Gaska describes Gwangju’s nightlife as, “full of energy and character, which is what a smaller town needs.  You won’t find the glitz and glamour of Seoul, but you will find a community of people that love to have a good time.”

This week we will be traveling to three of my favorite clubs in Gwangju.  The night will start at the newly renovated club near Chonnam Back Gate.  This is a perfect spot to start since prices are a little bit cheaper and drinks are affordable in this area.  The back gate area is full of outgoing and fun university students.night clubs in gwangjuThe first club is Hollic, which was recently renovated and the upgrades look great!  Hollic changed their style a bit after the renovations to a hybrid mix between dance club and booking.  The staff is friendly, drinks aren’t too expensive and there are plenty places to sit.  One thing I love about this place is that it is a two-story club.  The upstairs is more of a lounge while the downstairs is a dance floor with some booths.  The majority of the people who frequent Hollic are students from the CNU, but there always seems to be a good crowd here.  The sound system is great and the music will please the masses, as there a variety of mixes from the resident DJ, Enzo.

After Hollic it is time to head off and explore another club.  The next stop is another great club for the night called, Soul Some.  This place gives off a different vibe than Hollic; it is a bit of an older crowd and a tamer depending on the time of the night.  The one downside about Soul Some is that most of the standing room is on the dance floor. So if you are not in the mood to be the center of attention then you better try and reserve a table.  After spending some time grabbing a few drinks it is time to head of down the street to club Panfic.night clubs in gwangju

Panfic is my favorite of the three, but this lineup makes for a great night and each club has something unique to offer.  Different music, crowd and overall atmosphere change from each place.  Panfic usually has a cover, but don’t worry it always includes a drink ticket.  Click here for a useful map to find Panfic and other places around Gwangju.  The DJ booth here has a great LED set up and the DJs vary night to night, but normally they put on a great set.  There are a number of different rooms and bars if you want to sit around and chat instead of dancing.  Panfic is a great way to end the night and the party always goes late.

night clubs in gwangju

There are a lot of great places in Gwangju, what is your favorite Club? Leave a comment below

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