Coronavirus: How to Survive and Thrive as a Travel Blogger

April 17, 2020

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With increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases in the world, people are becoming more and more concerned with the economy. As most international flights (and many domestic flights) are canceled or postponed, it begs the question: How will people in the travel industry survive? The folks from Travelpayouts have come up with a Survival Guide for travel bloggers during COVID-19. (

There’s no need to panic. You can’t really do much to prevent the pandemic besides staying home, so we recommend you to use this time with as much efficiency as you can. and here are the tips.. Below, we will cover some ways that you can survive during this pandemic as a travel blogger:

1. Organize Everything

With most of us at home, now is a great time to organize. Tired of your old, slow ways of communication with your team? Take a look at Slack, Asana, or even Trello as a means to organize the flow of information between your team and improve speedy communications.

Clean out your old laptop files and finally categorize your cloud. Finally unpack from your last trip. Organize all the knick-knacks you have accumulated from destinations all around the world. Although travel bloggers might feel that they need to be extremely productive during this downtime, taking a step back and organizing your home might be just the thing you need to avoid the panic.

2. See What you Can Update

There are a lot of destinations shutting down due to COVID-19. Make sure that none of your advertisements, automated emails, or social media campaigns are showing places that people can’t travel to at the moment. Instead, update those campaigns to show how people can start planning now for future trips, or explain how people can go about getting refunds from Airbnbs, hotels, airlines, or tours in different countries.

Start writing about what is going on! Becoming a knowledgeable person on where people can travel (and how to do so safely) will keep your audience coming back. Credibility will always be your friend, no matter what your industry is going through. Be sure to keep up with this because places are shutting down every day.

3. Rethink Your Website

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Is your website mobile-friendly? Do your blogs have the proper keywords to boost your SEO? Are your contact and about pages up to date? Does the overall layout make sense to your readers? Do you have any landing pages set up for people looking for advice on traveling during this time?

Working on your website can improve your Google rankings. It will also show to your readers that you are constantly improving, making adjustments, and becoming better. Quality is a commodity in the world of travel blogging.

4. Crunch Some Numbers

Your budget may now be severely limited due to travel restrictions. With that being said, there hasn’t been a better time to take a look at your expenses! Cut back on anything not completely necessary. Whether it’s subscriptions you don’t use, utilizing your photography instead of stock images, or even switching to cheaper hosting for your website, it will all help.

If you do not want to completely cut back on your marketing budget, ensure the money you are spending, you are spending well. Take a look at your ROI across the board and push the largest amount of your marketing budget into what is getting you the most return.

5. Brainstorm Other Ways to Monetize

If you are not already using affiliate marketing, now is a great time to learn more about it. On the other hand, if you’ve already gotten started on affiliate marketing, research other brands you want to partner with. Even if you can’t collaborate with a brand now, laying the groundwork is a great way to solidify future revenue.

Put some advertisements on your site. Write a book to complement your site content. Can you create courses for your customers to download and buy through your website? What about a helpful travel checklist printable? Thinking outside the box now can lead you to passive income you wouldn’t have realized before.

Need Some Help Getting More Revenue as a Travel Blogger?

two woman sitting near table using Samsung laptop

Just because most people are not traveling now, that doesn’t mean they won’t do so soon. After the stay-at-home order is over, many people will be itching to get out – and if you play your cards right in the meantime, you will be their go-to source of information.

The most important thing you can do as a travel blogger right now is to not panic. Keeping a calm head will allow you to seize all of the opportunities that come your way during this time. If you need some help make sure you download the FREE COVID-19 Survival Kit for Travel Bloggers.

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