Gwangju Art and Culture Center

January 7, 2017

Recently I went to the  for a concert. The last time I came here was for the National Geographic photography exhibition, which finished recently. I was excited to see a different part of the culture center; this particular event was held in the concert hall. One of my friends and classmate obtained tickets to the concert on Monday June 9th through his work. This day happened to be the foundation day for Chonnam National University as well. On Monday the university celebrated their 62nd birthday and therefore our night classes were canceled. It was a needed break after the previous weeks finals. At first I didn’t know really anything about the concert since I had never heard of the singers, but I figured it would be cool to expand my musical tastes. The event was hosted by the Gwangju PBC Broadcasting and supported by some local churches.

We headed off to the culture center and there were a ton of people getting ready for the concert. The crowd was energetic and seemed quite excited for the performance. The majority of attendees were from an elder generation, but they all were emitting a lot of energy, which got me excited for the performance. We headed to our seats and shortly after the music started to play. The concert started out with a touching tribute to Sewol. After the introduction a group of kids started off the performance by playing their instruments. Their performance was extremely well done and I was impressed by how organized and beautiful the music these young kids were producing. After the children finished their set of songs it was time for the main acts. The order of performers were BMK, 박완규 and 최성수

BMK started opened out of the three performers and in my opinion she stole the show. Her voice filled every inch of the amphitheater! She brought so much energy and liveliness to the stage and was immediately transferred to the audience. BMK was my favorite act and I wish she would of played a few more songs, but her set was limited to around thirty minutes.

BMK, 박완규, 최성수 Concert

The next performer was 박완규 and he started of with a story about his kid who will be taking the same ferry to Jeju later this week. He was worried and saddened by the past situation. I could feel his emotions in every word he sang out! He put on a powerful performance with a lot of heart and soul.

BMK, 박완규, 최성수 Concert

The concert was headlined by 최성수 who had an upbeat and sort of Dean Martin-esque tone that I really enjoyed. His voice was natural and not overpowered by effects like some of the current music today. It was a pure hum that resonated well with the audience. At one point he had everyone standing up and dancing along. It was quite fun to feel his energy and I was impressed by his voice. He ended his set, but was quickly brought back for a demanded encore. All of the singers were extremely talented and all brought a unique sound to the stage.

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