How to Make a Website in 15 Minutes

November 27, 2015

Making a website seems like something insanely difficult for the average Joe. Today I will show you How to Make a Website in 15 Minutes. Making a website has become extremely simple and doesn’t require any coding especially if you create a website with wordpress!

Step 1: Register your domain. (I personally use They are the biggest and offer great support. Search for the domain name you want, make sure you select the .com, .net, etc or other type of site you want and proceed to check out. I selected yearly since it is pretty easy to renew and the savings were not that great for more than 1 year!

TIP: Write down all your Usernames/Passwords and store them in a safe place

Step 2: Register with a Host. Every website needs a host! I recommend BlueHost (Click Here for a Special Host Offer). Again they are one of the biggest, offer seamless integration into WordPress and are the cheapest host with all the necessary features. You will need to enter your domain name in “Use an Existing Domain Name”.  I chose a three year plan since there is a bit of a discount.  Follow all the steps and create your account.

Step 3: Connect Domain to Host. This is simple, but first log back in to and click “My Account” then once you’re logged in click on the Green “Launch” button next to Domain. Click on your domain name and on the next page, on the bottom left side you will see Nameserver and select “Set Nameserver” and choose “I have a specific name servers for my domain.” After this you will need to open the email you received from your Hosting account. Copy and paste the “NameServer1” and “Nameserver2” from your email into the corresponding GoDaddy boxes. The connection can take up to 48 hours to work or happen within a few minutes. Type in your “” to see if it works, if so you will see a picture from your Hosting Website

Step 4: Installing WordPress- This is the easiest and best Website builder out there! Login into BlueHost by clicking here. Scroll down under “Websites” and select “Install WordPress” select your domain name and click install. Install WordPress BluehostThis step will take a few minutes. Make sure you write down your password/logins. You will need this to login in to WordPress. This is what you need to make changes to your website and is different from your BlueHost website.

After this you are done with integrating your website, congrats! All you need to do now is to use WordPress to customize and build the unique site you have always wanted. This process takes a while and you will constantly be improving your site each week. I hope this was a helpful guide and let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Comment by Kiddu Alex


    Kiddu Alex Reply January 24, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    Hi Swig!

    I hope this mail finds you in a good health.

    Am Alex Kiddu from Uganda writing to you in response to your post…Creating Website in 15 Minutes. This has come at the right time when am needing one for my tour company.
    But all I want to know is that can I do it on my mobile cellphone?
    Or it requires a computer/laptop to compile?

    This is absolutely helpful especially for me.

    Many thanks.


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