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May 4, 2015

Looking for an Internships Abroad or at home? Then you are in the right place!

Internships abroad in Shanghai (ICN Offers Internships Abroad in Shanghai and many other great cities overseas)

Last month I accepted a position with ICN Group Corporation and will be marketing some great internships abroad. The company finds internships abroad for students, new graduates and young professionals all around the world. My job will be to help find students international internships that fit their fields of interest. If you are interested in obtaining an internship abroad, please contact me directly since I can arrange the best offer and provide more information immediately ([email protected]). Also, if your company is seeking interns I can help arrange that as well.

ICN offers global internships all across the world in over 19 locations! Here are just a few of them. ICN does more than just find you an internship abroad, we provide a full cultural immersion. You will get work experience, but also learn about a new culture…inside and outside the office. ICN internship programs offer language course, cultural experiences,  and accommodation arrangements in addition to internship placement.

Internships Abroad(ICN offers internships in cities all over the world)

Completing an internship before graduating is becoming one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. An international internship adds even more prestige and experience compared to other students and new graduates. Without relevant experience, it is difficult to compete for entry level jobs.



Internships abroad add a great element to networking, work experience and provide people with an expanded view on the world economy. After completing an international internship, you will be able to add a new element and outlook to get a great job after graduating. It is pretty clear that students with internships have an easier time finding a job after graduating! Contact me today and let’s find you a great internship abroad, I guarantee it will be an amazing experience!

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