Off The Beaten Path: Prague

May 15, 2018

Prague is my favorite city in Europe, I spent a year living and working in this magnificent melting pot that is truly a fairy tale land of adventure.  Each alleyway leads you from one stunning view or architectural masterpiece to the next. Prague is the standard I use to compare other European cities and it still reigns in as the champion of Europe. Great nightlife, affordable, rich history, beautiful architecture, friendly Czechs and great expat community makes Prague my favorite city in Europe.

Prague Old Town Square Flower Hotel Prince (Taken from my favorite terrace restaurant called Hotel Prince)

When most people visit Prague they normally marvel at Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, or take a stroll across the Charles Bridge. All these are the top places to see and I highly recommend going to them. But there are a few places you might of missed if you only had a few days. Below is a list of 6 places off the beaten path in Prague.

1.)  The John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Memorial

This wall is famous for displaying free speech during communist time when the right to speak your mind wasn’t allowed.  Currently, the wall displays some beautiful legal graffiti art. Make sure to bring a marker to sign your name or to leave a message.  Although, this is still semi popular spot for tourist, I think many pass it up accidently since it is a tad hidden, but it is actually really close to the Charles Bridge.  The John Lennon wall will always be a special place for me since it is where I help create my Mother’s Memorial. Click here for the location.

2.)  Modern Art: Pissing statues and Big Crawling Babies

Pissing Statues Prague

The art community is thriving in Prague and there is a lot of cool modern art to look at. If you head to the Lennon Wall there is a pretty nice modern art center nearby and so are these two great pieces of art. If you want to see the pissing statues you can go here or head here for the BIG Babies. Both of these modern art pieces were made by a famous Czech artist, David Cerny. The black crawling babies are also found on Prague’s TV tower.

Black Babies Prague

3.)  Underground Catacombs

Prague was actually raised up one story due to flooding, so it is still possible to explore underneath the Old Town Square.  You can take a short informative tour of the catacombs; just ask the information desk inside the Astronomical Clock building for the tour times. You can also find a great view of the city at the top of the Astronomical Clock Building.

Astronomical Clock Trumpet


4.)  Human Bone Church

Human Bone Church Prague

A church made completely out of human bones is located just 1 hour trip outside of Prague in Kutna Hora. The place is called Sedlec Ossuary and it is possible to take the train and see the church in a half-day. Honestly, there is not much else to see next to the bone church, but it is worth the trip to see this eerie chapel. Check out this blog for more information and for a few other activities in Kutna Hora.

5.)  Letna Park

Letna Park pano Prague

Czechs consume the most beer per person in the world. There are plenty of great spots to sit down, relax and enjoy a few pivos. One of my favorites is Letna Park which provides a stunning view of the city and relaxing beer garden. For directions to Letna Park click here

6.) Cross Club

Cross Club Prague

This place is crazy. The entire club, bar, café was designed from reused car parts and other crazy items. It is by far the trippiest place I have ever been to. You can go here during the day to enjoy food and coffee or come at night to rave out to some Drum and Bass or EDM.  Here is the cross club website.

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