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National Geographic Exhibit in Gwangju

Over the past three years of wandering around the world I have taken thousands of photos. I never really thought of my photography as art, it was more of a way to capture a memory.  For me, I wanted grab the moment that I was having with my friends and family.  My photography slowly progressed […]

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Best Travel Insurance

Searching for the best travel insurance company for your next trip can be a very stressful task. After all, how are you to be sure that each company offers the service that you personally need? To make things easier for you, we have simplified your search. Since there are hundreds of different companies that offer […]

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Cusco Nightlife Guide

Living in the Sacred Valley of Peru was one the biggest highpoints of my travels. The unique culture, atmosphere, and activities to do in Cusco make this a great place for anybody to stop for some nightlife. The culture in Peru has a tendency to live for the moment, and not for tomorrow, which makes […]

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Dog Cafes in Gwangju

When friends or family when ask what I miss most about living abroad, I respond by telling them that I miss them. But in reality, I think I miss my dog the most. Since it is really hard to communicate with him on Skype.  At least I can talk face to face with my friends […]

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