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Coronavirus: How to Survive and Thrive as a Travel Blogger

With increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases in the world, people are becoming more and more concerned with the economy. As most international flights (and many domestic flights) are canceled or postponed, it begs the question: How will people in the travel industry survive? The folks from Travelpayouts have come up with a Survival Guide for […]

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Best Travel Gear 2020

Over the years I have traveled quite a bit, over 85+ countries and still going strong. The majority of my travels have been to warmer climates, which can make┬ápacking a lot easier. I strongly dislike the cold, so I plan on sticking to warmer regions and chasing the sun. It has taken quite a long […]

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3 Ways to be Sure Your Home is Safe While Traveling

Getting away from the stress of daily life is important. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by going on a vacation. A recent survey found that 28 percent of American adults planned to max out their vacation days this year. While traveling can be fun, you need to make sure your […]

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How To Choose A Portable Refrigerator For Your Trip

A portable car refrigerator is an indispensable thing for modern drivers. It serves as an aid both in planning a country barbecue and for cooling food on the go. And if you are a person who loves traveling, you may have thought about buying a portable refrigerator more than once. Thermoelectric Refrigerators Thermoelectric car refrigerators […]

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