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Own a Car or Travel the World?

A lot of people continue to ask how I can afford to travel and live abroad?  I’ll be completely honest with you and share some secrets.   If you can manage to live on your own in the US, it is just as easy to do it abroad. There is no secret to living and […]

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6 Tips to Save Money in London

London is one of my favorite cities, but it can be quite expensive. It is an expensive city even without the currency exchange for British pounds.  My first trip to London the rate was 1 GBP to 2.2 USD, so you would double everything and add a bit more.  Although it is an expensive place […]

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The Green Light District

Everyone has heard about the Red Light District in Amsterdam, which is perceived as  a stoners sanctum and sex fiend’s haven.  Although there is plenty of sex, drugs and partying throughout the Red Light district. This post is about a different type of district. One place which is a little less explored than Amsterdam’s cobble […]

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10 Signs You Might Have A Travel Addiction

Yesterday I visited at the US embassy in Seoul, Korea.  It was for a problem I think most people won’t ever have to worry about.  The problem was my passport was almost full and I still have 3+ years left until it expires.  There were no places left to put visa stamps. So why is […]

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