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May 12, 2014

Italy is a magnificently beautiful country bursting with luscious landscapes, friendly locals and is the undisputed culinary capital for all types of cuisine. After exploring the North, South, East and West of Italy I have compiled my favorite moments into a photo blog, which were captured over a few years and various trips to Italy.

 Below are 15 photos that will get you on the next flight to Italy!

Amalfi Coast Positano

The Amalfi Coast is absolutely stunning; this view is of a small town, Positano.

 Bergamo Italy View The small town of Bergamo, which is located close to Milan, is a beautiful city to visit. Italy is full of green landscapes that never ceases to amaze.


Top of Duomo Cathedral Milan While in Milan, you will want to climb to the top of the Duomo Cathedral for a closer inspection at this marvelous architecture.



San Siro Stadium AC Milan

 San Siro Stadium in Milan showcases some of the best soccer players around. The fans are just as intense as the teams battling on the field.


Lake Como Italy

A short trip from Milan is one of the most serene places in Italy, Lake Como.



Venice Gondola River Ride

No trip to Italy is complete until you take a ride on a gondola in Venice.

 Mt Vesivus Pizza Naples Not all pizza is created equally in Italy, for the best pie you need to head to Naples where it was invented. The Mt. Vesuvius Pizza mixed with Buffalo Mozzarella is by far the best I have ever had.

 Sorrento Hostel Soccer Field

The view from a hostel in Sorrento provides the ideal setting for a friendly pickup game of soccer.

 Gelato Capri

When you need a break from roaming around the Island of Capri, it is Gelato time. Actually, it is always a good time for Gelato.

 Colosseum Rome Italy

 Italy and Rome host some of the world’s most iconic monuments and even the buildings that are falling apart look magnificent.

Rome Gladiator Colosseum

 Even the Gladiators in Rome find time to relax, it is the Italian way.Break Dancing in Rome Italy

 Break dancing or street performers are somewhat common and provides some great entertainment when you are roaming from one landmark to the next in Rome.

 Trevi Fountain Rome The Trevi Fountain in Rome lives up to all the hype and looks even more beautiful when it is lit up at night.


 Vatican Museum Spiral Staircase Rome Italy makes walking down stairs fun. This is the spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum.

 Huge Lemons ItalyLastly, remember that when life gives you lemons in Italy, you make limoncello….A LOT of limoncello!

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