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February 3, 2018

Prague is my favorite city in Europe, I spent a year living and working in this magnificent melting pot that is truly a fairy tale land of adventure.  Prague is the standard I use to compare other European cities and it still reigns in as the champion of Europe. Great nightlife, affordable, rich history, beautiful architecture, friendly Czechs and great expat community makes Prague my favorite city in Europe. On top of all of these great things Prague offers some of the best beer in the world and an extraordinary nightlife. I finally got around to writing a full Prague travel guide which outlines the best restaurants, bars, and clubs in Prague!

Transmission Prague Party(Transmission Festival Prague)

Many people visiting Prague will be overwhelmed with the cheap prices in Beer and Food. Outside of the Old Town Square and tourist areas food and drink are even more affordable. Normally it is 2-3 times more expensive around tourist areas.

I recently wrote an Off The Beaten Path guide for Prague. It outlines some of the best sights that many tourists miss out on. This guide will outline some of my favorite restaurants, bars and clubs located throughout the city. My Food and Nightlife Guide to Prague should help any visitor or expat residing in Prague experience something new.

Prague with Snow

Food: Czech food is delicious and a traditional meal is normally made lot of meat and dumplings or potatoes. Prague has a ton of restaurants and offers some of the best street food. My favorite street food is the Kebab stand just outside of Muzeum metro stop and the fried cheese stand by Mustek. Both of these are delicious meals and perfect after leaving a bar or club.

For more traditional food there is the Pork Knee, which is a huge slab of meat and bones, normally it is weighed out and the price varies per Kilo. My favorite Czech dish though is Svickova. This is a beef sirloin covered in gravy and topped with cranberry sauce and cream. Another famous dish is Goulash, which is a big pile of meat covered in sauce and served with dumplings! If you want to try something really unique, try the Steak Tar-Tar. This dish is raw beef and egg mixed together. I was hesitant at first, but it is perfectly safe to eat if the restaurant is reliable.

Restaurant Guide

Hotel U Prince Roof Terrace: One of the best views of Old Town Square and a perfect place to enjoy a meal, drink or dessert.

U Prince View(View from Hotel Prince Rooftop Terrace)

Directions: When facing the Astronomical clock in Old Town Square walk to the left and there is an awesome view of the city from the terrace on the top floor of Hotel U Prince. The food is good, but a bit expensive so it’s still good for a beer or perfect place for dessert. Don’t worry if it is cold, they have heaters outside and I recommend coming up here for a sunset drink/dessert.

Café Lavka– For a great view of the Charles Bridge, great place to have a coffee or meal and enjoy a beautiful terrace view. This place also turns into a club at night and is located next to the touristy 5-story club.

U Supa– It is hard to find reasonably priced food and drink near the old town. U Supa offers some great traditional food and affordable beer near Old Town Square.

TIPPING GUIDE: Tipping culture is a bit different in the Czech Republic. Service is included by Czech law, but tips are not. I always rounded up on my tips, but tourists are expected to give around 10% on top of their bill. Tips are not left on the table, but rounded up when you pay the waiter. For example if your bill was 270 CZK then you would round up to 300. If you don’t have exact change, then just give them a bigger bill and tell them the amount you want back.

Pour Beer from Your Table Bars & Restaurants:

Pour Your Own Beer Prague(The Pub: Pour Your Own Beer!)

Each of these restaurants offer something different, but they all have beer draughts situated on the tables where you can pour your own beer and it calculates how much you poured at the end.

The Pub: There is one near Staromestska Metro. You can pour Beer from your own draught and they have pretty good food as well. You order from a computer above the tap and can even select music and some other cool things. There are a few of these located over the city of Prague

Beer factory: Near Muzeum. Similar to the Pub, but more of a drink only venue with more of a lounge/club atmosphere.

Hybernia: Great food and pub. Pour beer from some draughts as well. Outside terrace area as well. This is more of a restaurant than a bar.

Just Outside the City Center:

Food and drinks get significantly better and cheaper if you take a short metro ride outside of the city center. You will find big portions with a smaller bill.

Pivovarsky Klub– Near Florenc Metro: Great pork knee (Famous place that Anthony Bourdain visited) Sometimes this place can be packed during peak times so call ahead or you might have to wait.

Pork Knee Pivovarsky Klub(Pork Knee at the Pivovarsky Klub)

Kulatak Great restaurant in Dejvicka that is on the roundabout. It is on the same side as the Yellow Baguette Boulevard (across from KFC) and the awnings have a Pilsner Urquell logo on them

Sokolovna: Near Hradcanska…cross the railroad tracks and it is right there. Get the Dragon eye…really good Gambrinus beer, which is some of the freshest in Prague.

Andel Restaurant– Some great traditional Czech food near Andel metro. This restaurant has a beer house feel, but offers a great atmosphere and they even have a bowling alley in the basement.

Medieval Tavern– This place is a really unique experience and they offer live music, fire shows, belly dancers and much more.  Show times run from 19:00-21:00 from Tuesday to Saturday.


Czech Beer is world-renowned and by far the best per price. Beer cost at local pub is usually around 30-50 Crown ($1.50-2.50)
per half liter, at some clubs it more (90-100 Crown).

Club Life

Sasazu Club Prague(SaSaZu Club)

Prague has a ton of great clubs inside and outside the city. There are always famous DJs touring as well, which take place in bigger venues. The nightlife never stops in Prague. You can literally start at dinner and go to a club which stays open until 6am then go to the after bar clubs which are open until 3pm. This city never sleeps and they definitely know how to party.

One of my favorite clubs that me and all my friends really liked a called Golden Tree, which is also known as Zlaty Strom. This place is like a restaurant, bar, club all in one. The layout is like a maze and there is something for everyone here. Yes, they do sometimes have exotic dancers, but it is Europe and this type of thing is fairly common, especially in Prague. Also, they have some ridiculous prices and you can get a full bottle of Absolut with Red Bull for less than 40 Euro.

Club Roxy is famous for their Monday night parties. It is pretty crazy how packed Monday nights can get in this rather large club. The club is pretty fun any night of the week, but Monday night everyone heads here.

Cross Club– This place is crazy. The entire club, bar, café was designed from reused car parts and other crazy items. It is by far the trippiest place I have ever been to. You can go here during the day to enjoy food and coffee or come at night to rave out to some Drum and Bass or EDM.

Cross Club Prague

Mecca is newly renovated and was best on Wednesdays, but also great on the weekend.

Thursday Nights is Hip Hop night at Radost

Friday and Saturday are the busiest nights, so most the clubs will be pretty busy.

Sasazu is the biggest club in Prague and host some of the largest international DJs. If there is a big event here I highly recommend checking it out. They throw some great parties, but if there is no big events then the club feels a bit empty.

Retro Music Hall is another one of my favorite clubs on the weekends. This is a double decker club with some great DJs and young, energetic party goers!

Harleys– This is more of a late night bar, so I wouldn’t recommend going here too early. Things get pretty crazy here and it is more of a bar than a club, but there will still be some dancing on tables and other ruckus going on.

Duplex is great for Dance music and a pretty decent club. You have to take an elevator to get into this high rise club which overlooks the New Town area.

Karlovylazne (5 story club)-This club has different music on each floor. This is a big crowd for younger Czechs and tourists, the drinks are way overpriced and I was not a big fan, but it is still worth checking out. Each floor has a different type of music.

Pub Crawls- Prague is home to some of the biggest and best Pub Crawls in Europe and I HIGHLY recommend doing the Drunken Monkey or Clock Tower Pub Crawl. Both of these are owned by two of my friends. They are different companies, but offer similar parties. All you can drink pregame with a fun crowd of backpackers, then they take you around to the best local bars/clubs where you get a free shot at each one. It is a great way to meet people and one of the best ways to have a great night out in a new city!

After Hours Late Night Clubs- These places are all pretty insane. If you’re looking to party after the hours of 4-5am then check out one of these clubs. The hours vary per day of the week or if there is a special event.

Studio 54, Le Clan, Batallion- expect some crazy stuff if you venture here late night.

Sunday Night- Sunday Nights are normally for recovery, but there is still plenty to go on. Prague city center has more pubs than people residing there, so I am sure you will be able to find something to do!

Other Tips

Taxis: Pretty much every Taxi driver will negotiate a price, so try and talk them down. If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, have one of the Czech staff call you a cab from AAA Cab Company. Taxi’s in Prague will rip you off, but if you call ahead from AAA then you will get a metered driver. But if you wave down a AAA they will still over charge you. Always negotiate your price before hand or ask for the meter. 

Metro Passes: Prague is an extremely walkable city, but if you want to use the public transport the city offers some multi day passes which can save you a bit of money.

Money Exchange: Don’t ever change money with people looking to undercut the exchange places. This scam is common in Prague, people wait by the money exchange places and offer a really good exchange rate, but they give you Hungarian money, which is worth a lot less.

Prague is an amazing city and if you want to explore more of the Czech Republic, check out my Top 5 Small Towns to Visit in Europe. This list features another beautiful Czech city called Cesky Krumlov.

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