QOR Travel Clothes Review

August 15, 2017

Anybody who travels a lot knows that clothing is one of the most important things to pack lightly. You don’t want to pack that much clothing while traveling. As a result, you should consider purchasing specialized travel clothes. Recently one of the great brands I have discovered is QOR, who focuses on making high-quality mens travel clothing and mens travel apparel.

Why is there a special category for travel clothes?

Normally I wouldn’t have considered clothing to be “travel clothes” since after all, it is all the same thing, right? Perhaps this may be true. However, one thing that I love about QOR is that they use this patented treatment process called Polygiene®, which is odor free and stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria from growing on your clothing. This is what caught my attention.

For this QOR travel clothes review, I want to highlight four articles of clothing that I have experience with. My intent is simply to help anybody considering purchasing from this brand. The same for anybody looking for mens travel clothes and mens travel apparel

QOR’s The Lightest Trouser Short

The Lightest Trouser Short from QOR is a pretty stylish pair of shorts that you wear both for casual and formal wear. They are great for going out in climates where the weather is warm and wearing them with the Lightest Blazer (below). These trousers only weigh 140 grams designed with 86% polyester and 14% spandex fabric, making them both lightweight and great-feeling.

Like other QOR products, these trousers have Polygiene® treatment. This is great for both odor control and to stop the growth of bacteria which can ruin your clothing. What I love about these shorts is that they are neither too short or too long for my liking. They rest comfortably right above my knees. Although the style for shorts used to be heavily dominated by designs that went below the knees, I think this feels/looks a little better.

When you wash these shorts all you will need to do is use cold water and mix them with colors. This process is clearly similar to washing other clothes. However, you shouldn’t use too much heat on them when you dry them to protect them. It is also perhaps a good idea to iron them each time you wash them so that they keep the same crisp look you bought them with. They have a similar style available on Amazon here with cargo pockets.

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QOR’s The Lightest Blazer

If you already own the Lightest Trouser Short, the Lightest Blazer should be next on your budget. Much like the shorts, this blazer is lightweight (140 grams). It is also made with an 86/14 polyester and spandex fabric material design, and the Polygiene® treatment that will leave your blazer odor-free and bacteria-free. One thing that is great about this blazer is that it has a secret zipper pocket in the right front flap.

Since this is a lightweight blazer, you shoud wear it in warm weather. It is great for both casual and formal wear. It will also look great for professional work, and of course, travel. Since it is lightweight and easy to haul around, it can easily fit into a backpack for world travel.

When you want to wash this blazer, put it in cold water and wash it with like colors. You can use non-chlorine bleach if you want, but this might not be necessary. For best results, iron this shirt when after drying so that you can keep it looking great. You can see the prices and sizes here.

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QOR’s BDA Polo

A great set of mens travel clothes is not complete without a polo. The QOR BDA polo is an extremely comfortable and stylish polo that comes with three buttons and shirt pocket which seals with a fourth button. This one contains a bit more polyester than spandex than the above products, at a 90/10 ratio.

Like other QOR mens travel clothes, this product contains has a Polygiene® treatment that lasts the lifetime of the shirt. Weighing at only 140 grams, it won’t add to much weight to your backpack. It is also great for work, casual, or casual-formal wear.

The design is resistant to wrinkles and can wash without having to iron it heavily afterward. When washing, just be sure to use cold water. Since this design comes in both white and blue, you will have to place it with either colors and whites, depending on which one you purchase. These polos are available on Amazon, click here to see the prices.


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QOR Silkweight Dress Shirt

If you want a dress shirt that you can add into your mens travel clothes collection, this design is one that you should take into consideration. For starters, there are no underarm seams to cause chafing and discomfort, which is a reason why I love this dress shirt. It is great for wearing out, professionally, and formally.

It is designed with a 52% nylon and 48% polyester design, and the Polygiene® treatment that makes QOR stand out. Its lightweight (96 grams) design makes it easy to safely store in your backpack across the world and is easy to maintain. One feature which is really nice is that there is a separate slim pocket within the attached chest pocket for smaller items. This is a great place to stash coins, cash, pens, or something similar.

Unlike other QOR mens travel clothes described above, this product will require that you machine wash in warm water. You should also not dry clean this shirt. However, you will still want to use low heat when putting it in the dryer. If you want a dress shirt that is durable, lightweight and easy to take on the go, consider purchasing this one for your world adventures.

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Main Point:

At the end of the day, you are the one who determines which brand of type of clothing is best. Good mens travel apparel and mens travel clothing can be hard to find and I would highly recommend checking out QOR if you are serious about having built-to-last and lightweight clothing.

If you want to find some more travel clothes, check out my Study Abroad Packing List post, which also describes some of the other clothing I like to have with me while I am traveling.

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