Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japan

October 28, 2014

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo Japan was by far the craziest shows I have ever witnessed in my life. During my first trip to Tokyo we had planned to go, but it was a bit too expensive and we didn’t have time to fit it in. Luckily on my second trip I was able to witness this mind-altering robot extravaganza.

robot restaurant tokyo japan

My first advice is to for sure book online, tickets cost around $60-70 (6,000-7000 Yen) for the 90-minute show. I was able to find the $70 package online for $45 (4,500), which is a huge saving for any budget traveler. We booked our tickets via and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Our package came with front row seats, beer tickets, and food. Here is the link for 25% off!

Once you arrive at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku you wait in line next to some massive robots, which are on display outside. The workers checked our tickets and sent us to the waiting room. This area is full of bright shiny objects and a Daft Punk like band performing live music. In this area you can order drinks or snacks before the main performance begins. After 10-15 minutes it is time to let the festivities begin.

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Japan

We left the waiting room and proceeded to our seats. We grabbed a draft beer and our box lunch. The food is terrible, but it is free with the discounted ticket. The meal is just a box lunch with some cold meat and assortment of Japanese food.

Food Robot Restaurant Japan

Shortly after everyone is seated the show will begin, get ready to have your mind blown. The laser show combined with busty dancers and tons of outrageous robots makes for 90 minutes of pure madness.

There are about 5 or 6 small shows with a 5-10 minute intermission between each performance, which gives you enough time to use the restroom. The first show was one of my favorites! This show was oriental themed and had drummers riding around on robots. The next few shows were all very different and each one had some sort of story line or theme.

Robots Japan tokyo show

Some of the story lines were a bit hard to follow, but this just added to the weird factor. There were a couple of battles between robots and the production quality was superb! A few of the shows had included audience interaction and they brought a few people on stage. Afterwards you have about 20 minutes to get your photos with some of the robots. Overall the show was amazing and I highly recommend people to go! This was one of the most entertaining, bizarre and unique performances I think I will ever witness.

Girls robot restaurant japan

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Here is a video that gives you a little preview of the madness!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this is not a place for babies, not sure why a family brought two of their 1-2 year old infants here. It would still be a bit of a judgment call for children considering the dancers are wearing some rather revealing clothes, but it’s your kid so you decide! I know I would of loved going here as a kid!

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