Spring Activities in Gwangju: Things to do During Springtime

February 17, 2017

Spring Activities Gwangju

Spring has certainly sprung and started to ease its way into the picture the past few weeks. The presence of cloudy rainy days followed by clear skies and sunshine gives off a nice sense of anticipation for the upcoming spring season. This Sunday was a glorious day filled with perfect weather and I hope everyone took a chance to take advantage of it.Spring Activities Gwangju

My day was spent riding around on the back of my friends motorcycle. This wasn’t my first time on a bike, but it certainly was the most exhilarating due to the fact it is a bike built for speed.  Cruising around Gwangju on motorcycle definitely gives you a sense of freedom you don’t find driving a car or riding on public transport. The road seems so much more open when on a bike and especially once you get out of the city center. My friend and I headed to a small park near Mudeungsan Mountain.  It felt good to get out of the city and immerse ourselves in the natural environment.  Korean families were decked out in their full hiking gear and ready to conquer a few of the trails.  They definitely take their hiking seriously it seems.  It is great to see active people of all ages enjoying the weather and park. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to make it to the top of Mudeungsan.

Spring Activities Gwangju

Instead my friend and I decided to practice our photography skills for this week’s photography contest.  The theme for this week is levitation and the winner gets a prize of 30,000 Won.  The main requirement is the photos need to be around the Gwangju area. For more information on the contest click here. Below is a photo that might spark some creativity for your levitation photo.  The park we went to has some beautiful scenery with the mountain and nice lake, which creates a symmetrical divide upon the horizon. You can find the park here on this map.Spring Activities Gwangju

There were also some really cool “love locks” on the fence here. Love locks are when a couple comes together and puts a lock onto something like a fence and then throws away the key.  This gesture is meant to symbolize everlasting love since the bond will never be broken. Sometimes couples will sign their names or buy some specialty lock. This one was in built into the shape of a heart, which looked great!

Spring Activities Gwangju

After spending a few hours here enjoying the peaceful surrounding we decided it was time to move on. On the way back we stopped shortly at a great look out of the city, unfortunately the sun was in a bad location to snap a decent photo. This spot is a small rest stop and you can enjoy some Soju or snacks here while watching the sunset. After stopping here for a bit we continued on and called it a day.  I am really happy spring season is back; I am not a huge winter guy and enjoy the warmer weather. One of the main things I look forward to is being able to play basketball again!  Gwangju offers a lot of outdoor spring activities activities and I look forward to exploring more especially during since the flower blossoms will happen soon.

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