Swig Meets World Study Abroad Scholarship

September 13, 2017

Are you or a friend interested in studying abroad with the University of Missouri? Then you are in the right spot! Below you will find information about a unique University of Missouri Study Abroad Scholarship opportunity.

Why Did I Start a Study Abroad Scholarship?

To be concise, study abroad deeply impacted my life in a very positive way and I want to give back directly to students that are interested in studying abroad. Since my study abroad summer I have gone on to work internationally in over 6 different countries, visit over 65+ countries and I am still working internationally and traveling today!

What is the Swig Meets World Study Abroad Scholarship?

The Swig Meets World study abroad scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship opportunity for University of Missouri students looking to study abroad.

Who is Eligible?

Awards shall be made to a MU Trulaske College of Business student who has maintained a grade point average of at least 3.25 and who is studying abroad on a summer Trulaske College of Business program.

How Can I Apply?

To apply for scholarships, you must first register for a study abroad program through myStudyAbroad. You should then follow the instructions and link provided in the “International Center Scholarship Information” learning content material. Deadlines for application are September 20 for winter intercession/spring semester programs and February 15 for summer/fall programs. Visit here for more information on all the scholarship opportunities and how to apply!

How Did I Get Started with Study Abroad?

It’s pretty fair to say that studying abroad had a huge impact on my life. In the summer of 2009 I jetted off to Bergamo, Italy for a very memorable study abroad summer. The knowledge I gained while collaborating with Italian students and my fellow classmates from the University of Missouri was extremely beneficial and worth every penny. I was able to expand my international mindset, gain a new perspective on business and grow as a person. These were just a few of the many benefits I gained from studying abroad that summer and my value would continue to grow. After my study abroad summer program ended, I was approached by one of the student managers who suggested I should apply to be a Study Abroad Student manager. After a long plane ride back to the USA I had a lot of time to reflect on my summer abroad and I was 100% committed to becoming a study abroad student manager and helping students have the same amazing study abroad experience that I had. The idea was implanted, but now I had to go through an in-depth interview process to become a student manager. The process was difficult, but it was certainly worth the effort. After multiple rounds of interviewing, I was selected as the Prague Study Abroad program. The next two summers would be spent bringing Mizzou students to the Czech Republic for the summer session. After graduating with a Finance and Real Estate degree in 2011, I was in charge of my last summer abroad. I decided to move to Europe and was able to find a job working for the Czech University teaching Finance for a year. The connections I made from the study abroad program made all of this possible. The story keeps going and you can read more about my current journey here.

10 Tips for Studying Abroad

After leading students to foreign countries as a student manager and studying abroad for my undergraduate and master’s degree, I have picked up a ton of great tips for new and experienced travelers. Make sure you read this article about my 10 Tips for Studying Abroad.

What to Pack for Studying Abroad?

Packing can often times be the most difficult part of any type of travel and especially when studying abroad. I currently travel around with 1 small carry on which I have been using for the entire year. The current set up I have is outlined in this post here. If minimalism isn’t something you are ready for, then check out this study abroad packing list.

Key Resources for Traveling and Studying Abroad

My Best Travel Gear – What I personally use for traveling all around the world.

Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad – Studying abroad can be intimidating, here are my top tips for anyone interested in studying abroad.

Study Abroad Packing List – Not sure what to bring? Then make sure to read this list!

Best Travel Cameras – Having a nice camera for studying abroad is a must! Trust me, you will want to capture the amazing memories and share them with friends and family.

Best Travel Laptops – When you study abroad, you’ll want a good travel companion that is easy to transport from trains, planes and to lecture halls. This list goes in depth on the best travel laptops.


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