Top 10 Best Travel Accessories 2019

February 7, 2019

After visiting 65+ countries in the world, you will learn a lot about minimalism and only carry around accessories that you need. I selected the best travel accessories in 2019 after years of research, experience, and keeping up with the current trends to help anybody who is looking for some help with their packing list.

Anybody who needs help making sure they are packing everything for their upcoming trip, and wants to include the best travel accessory will feel much better after looking through this list. After years of traveling around the world full-time, you quickly learn what you need, what you don’t need, and what the best travel equipment is.

1. Cable Organizer

The BAGSMART Travel Universal Cable Organizer is my favorite cable organizer and is a great means of organizing your cables and electronics to protect them from dust, scratches, and the normal wear and tear that accompanies everyday use.

Unless your backpack already comes with plenty of extra small pockets and mechanisms which will protect your cords and electrical outlet components, getting a cable organizer will help you have bag space and protect your cords. These are also great for holding your smartphone on a plane, helping you to keep some extra space in your pocket.



Slim design doesn’t take up too much space.Not big enough for people who carry more cords than what is necessary for full-time travel.
Carries all of your cords and many electronic components and accessories in one bag.
Can fit small cameras and smart phones.

2. Folding Toothbrush

Traveling with a toothbrush can be very difficult when you are constantly putting back into a storage spot in your backpack which may as well be covered in bacteria. This is why I like using the GUM Travel Folding Soft Toothbrush.

Since this toothbrush folds down and closes, it is easier to put inside your backpack and carry around for travel than a typical toothbrush.



Easier to packMight be able to be found locally with a similar brand at a cheaper cost.
Doesn’t gather germs as easilyThere are other ways to stop toothbrushes from gathering germs.
Comes with two toothbrushes.

3. Shoe Bags

People who want to carry around shoes during their travels may have a hard time keeping them in prime condition. This is one of the many reasons I like using the Yamiu Travel Shoe Bags to hold my shoes. Each pack on Amazon comes with four different bags, which should be more than enough if you are traveling full-time.



Helps preserve shoes that you want to keep nice.Sizes over men’s 15 may have difficulty fitting into the bags.
Can hold shoes of all shapes and sizes.
Comes with multiple bags per order.

 4. Sony RX-100 + Joby Tripod

Taking quality pictures and videos is a necessary part of any traveler’s lifestyle. Instead of using a basic camera that is included on a typical smartphone and relying on balance for creating good pictures and videos of my journeys, I like to use the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 for pictures and the Joby GorillaPod tripod.

Camera Pros

Camera Cons

20.1-megapixel optical resolution.Not the most affordable camera on the market.
1080i HD recording resolution.
24fps tracking speed.


5. Bose Headphones

Anybody traveling all of the time will find themselves with downtime where they have nothing to do. This is what makes headphones one of the most important accessories to take with you when you are traveling. I prefer using the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, but you might prefer to buy your own favorite brand of headphones.



Bose has really high-quality audio products.Not the most affordable earbuds available.
In-ear design helps cancel noise
Easy to store, conceal, and travel with.

6. Packing Cubes

Products like the AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set may seem like nothing important until you start using them and see how much space they save in your backpack. Typically I will only have 7+ days of clothing, which can easily fit in a packing cube set like this which has a large, medium, small, and slim packing cube included in the set.

These are great for helping you organize your clothes and accessories, creating more space in your backpack, and helping eliminate clutter in your backpack. Due to many different perks that come along with using packing cubes like these, I highly recommend them to any traveler.



Packing cubes help save space in your luggage by organizing and compacting your things.Can easily take up a lot of bag space when you put in multiple packing cubes.
Very affordable and easy to buy multiple.
Comes in packs of four different sizes.

7. Kindle Fire Stick

There will come many different times during your travels where you are tired of sightseeing and would simply like to turn your hotel or Airbnb room into a home for Netflix and Chill. This is where a Kindle Fire Stick or Chrome Cast service will come in handy. I like using the Fire TV stick since it is small and easy to carry around.

Kindle Fire Stick Pros

Kindle Fire Stick Cons

USB drive and remote that turns your TV into a smart TV.Extra fees for whatever service you like to use.
Plenty of services like Netflix, Spotify, games, and much more that now work on your TV.You need Wi-Fi to use online services.
Easy to use on most HDTVs.

8. Travel Cologne and Perfume

Staying clean and fresh is just as important while traveling as it is at home. Since carrying those large glass cologne bottles can be easy to break, I highly recommend getting a refillable cologne bottle. They work simply by connecting the pump that you have on your glass cologne bottle into the refillable dispenser’s mechanism and pump until it is full.

This product is also not nearly as easily broken as those thick glass bottles you are probably used to having. If this is a product you would be interested in buying, check out the Travalo Classic Refillable Perfume Spray bottle.



Can be used for long periods of time between refills.Refilling takes some time to do.
Can store multiple types of perfume or cologne throughout its use.Only one type of cologne at a time.
Small and easy to travel with.

 9. Travel Power Strip

Everybody uses power strips, but most of them take up more space and offer fewer ports than the NTONPOWER Portable Travel Power Strip. Since it only has 3.3 feet of cord space, 3 USB charging ports, and two separate outlets, I can have all of my electronics plugged in and charging at the same time.

Since more often than not it isn’t necessary to use every single port on this device, people at the airport will love you when you bust out this power strip on the go.



Contains 3 USB ports and 2 outlets.Will need another adapter for international use.
Small and compact design.
The small cord is easy to carry around.

10. Anker Power Bank

If you are like me, there will be many different times and circumstances where you will not have access to an outlet to charge your electronics. This can be devastating if you desperately need to use your electronics for something urgent. For this reason, I always keep an Anker Power Bank with me so that I can ensure that none of my electronics run out of battery when I need them most.

This power bank is usually capable of charging my phone to full battery a few times before I ever have to worry about recharging it. Of course, the new problem with this device is making sure that it stays charged before I am on the go so that I never have to worry about charging my devices.



Allows you to charge your electronic devices without an outlet.Only one charge at a time unless you purchase a more expensive version.
Can charge your device multiple times before needing a recharge itself.
Probably smaller than your phone or other USB device using it.

 Other Accessories to Check Out:

If you want to check out more of the best travel accessories that you might consider using, check out my best travel gear of 2019 post where I give more information on the best travel equipment, including how many clothes I own and the other travel accessories I like to use. It is satisfying to put everything you own into one backpack.

However, if I were to consider anything from experience to be the best travel accessory, that would probably be an open mind for experiencing new cultures and cities.

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