Top 10 Things to do in Japan

March 19, 2014

This post is all about Japan. I was able to spend 10 Days traveling the country while spending around $70 a day (transport, food/drink, hostels). I’ll outline a full guide on how to do this in a very soon.  The country is full of delicious cuisine; friendly people and sightseeing that will amaze even the most seasoned travelers! Here are my Top 10 Things to do in Japan:

 1.) Find some GOLD!

Marvel at the glistening architecture of the Golden Pavillion and then relax at the nearby Ryoan-Ji, which is one of the most famous Zen Rock Gardens in the world.

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan

 2.) Watch some Wrastling!

Sumo Wrestling was amazing to see first hand, it cost $20 for tickets and we got to see some great matches. It is in my opinion the best type of wrestling, although it doesn’t have the special effects that WWE/WWF does. Check the Ryogoku stadium to see if there are any matches going on.

Sumo Wrestling Tokyo, Japan

3.) Ride the Bullet Trains

Cruising at super fast speeds is the  best way to see Japan in a short period of time. *To buy a JR pass you MUST purchase it outside of Japan, since it is only for tourist. The JR past covers Bullets Trains and most metro/local trains. This thing saved me about $200+ since I was traveling so much. (click here for more JR pass info)

4.) Practice Kung Fu Fighting

The Torrii Gates in Kyoto is a great spot, this place was awesome and there is a lot to see. Wander around this labrynth of red gates. Pack your comfortable shoes since it is a bit of hiking around and possibly some Kung Fu Fighting.

Japan Inari Gates Kyoto

5.) Spend a afternoon on an Island

Miyajima Island is a great place to spend a few hours. The island is full of friendly deer that want to eat your maps and the famous floating gate (*TIP: Check tide times for the floating gate, sometimes it isn’t floating at all.)

6.) Visit Hiroshima

Reflect on the tragic history at the WWII memorials in Hiroshima and make sure you enjoy some serenity at the Hiroshima Castle.  Hiroshima and Miyajima are possible to do in one day depending on how much time you want to spend at each.

Hiroshima castle and tree 10MB

7.) Bike Around

Take a train out to Lake Kawagucci for the best views of Mt. Fuji, we decided to rent bikes and ride around the lake which was a ton of fun (*TIP: Check the weather before heading to Fuji, sometimes it is too cloudy to see it). Actually biking around Japanese cities is pretty fun too, unless it is at rush hour where you’ll end up walking your bike due to the huge amount of people.

Fuji Mountain, Japan, lake kawaguchi

8.) Eat Sushi!

If you come to Japan and don’t try the sushi you are crazy! The sushi is fairly cheap and is by far the best I have ever have, although it is different than the US version you are probally used to. My favorite spot was Musashi in Kyoto which is a Sushi Train (1 plate was around $1)

9.) Skyscraper Park

Namba Park is a beautiful park placed in the middle of Osaka City. It is no normal park since it is 10+ stories high. Check out this great FREE view from the Swiss Hotel. If you want to enjoy a longer view there is a nice restaurant at the top of the Swiss Hotel.

Namba Park Osaka Skyview

10.) Catch a FREE aerial view of Tokyo

Head to the Tokyo metropolitan government building for a free view of the Tokyo skyline. I recommend going before sunset and watching the city transform from light to dark.

To save some money on your next trip, check out my Travel Resources Page! I used these sites to travel Japan on $70 a day. I’ll write a full guide later on outlining how to do this.

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