Top 6 Travel Life Hacks

April 2, 2014

Life hacking refers to any productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life; in other words, anything that solves an everyday problem of a person in a clever or non-obvious ways. This post focuses on Life Hacks for traveling, which will make your next trip more productive and less stressful.

Travel Life Hacks


Top 6 Travel Life Hacks to make your next trip easier:

1.)   Use airplane mode

Putting your phone on Airplane mode charges it WAY faster (almost 2x faster). Even if you still want to browse on WiFi that is possible in Airplane Mode. If you aren’t expecting any calls, keep your phone on Airplane mode to make charges last a lot longer.

Swig Meets World Airplane Mode

2.)  Offline Maps

Having a map on your phone can be a lifesaver. Even if you don’t have Internet it is possible to use GPS. Internet is only used to load the maps, but GPS works without the use of data. The app store has a ton of FREE options for offline maps too.

Offline Maps Travel Hack

To Load Offline Maps on Google Maps App (must have internet)

-Load the area you want map access later on.

-Tap the profile (person silhouette).

Offline Google maps

-Scroll to the bottom now and hit load offline maps

load offline maps google

-Google Maps will then download all the map data that’s currently on your iOS or Android screen.

*You might receive an error message stating that the area couldn’t be cached because it’s too large – try zooming in to a smaller area or possible Google doesn’t allow offline maps for every country yet.

3.)   Underwear Hack

I’ve seen too many guys sniffing their underwear to see if it is clean in a hostel. My solution is to tie all you boxers/briefs in knots. That way you know the clean ones are knotted. (You can do this in reverse order too or just turn all the clean ones inside out when you pack)

4.)   Divide, so you don’t get conquered

I always travel with two wallets. One that I keep locked up at my accommodation and a second that I take out. This second wallet contains cash, a photo id (NOT Passport) and a credit card that would be okay if it was lost or stolen. Separating your valuables is always a smart; even if your wallet is stolen you’ll have a backup.  The Chapstick trick, in my opinion is stupid considering I lose my Chapstick every few days. *Keeping some money under your shoe sole is  a better spot to store some emergency cash

Burberry Wallet Travel Hack


5.) Say goodbye to wrinkles!

I hate wrinkles, but they are inevitable while traveling with a backpack. I carry a bottle of Wrinkle Release, which gets rid of wrinkles and makes your clothes smell great. If you don’t have this, hang your wrinkled clothes up while taking a hot shower. Adios wrinkles! (*Wal-Mart sells the travel size)

Wrinkle Release Travel Hack

6.)   Take a Picture

-Before embarking on your trip take a photo of your passport and credit cards, email this picture to yourself. If anything gets lost or stolen you have a copy of it.

– Don’t speak the local language? Show them a photo of your hotel address or destination for directions. Also it is helpful to have a picture dictionary on your phone, which can help communication (especially useful for ordering food).

Picture Dictionary Life Hack

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