Korea Mud Festival 2014

This weekend I headed to the largest mud festival in the World, which is located just two hours from Seoul.  The festival runs from July 18th-27th and is held at Daecheon beach.  Busses  or trains run rather frequently from Seoul, Busan, Daejon and Gwangju, so if you missed it this weekend you still have plenty of […]

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Backpacking Brazil During The World Cup

This week I caught up with my good friend Ryan who will share what it was like Backpacking Brazil During The World Cup. Ryan and I have traveled around Europe, Korea and the USA together. We were suppose to also go to Brazil together, but unfortunately I couldn’t take time off studying my MBA in […]

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Travel Zazzle Store

Today I am launching the Swig Meets World Travel Zazzle Store which features an array of various products from Bicycle Playing Cards, T-Shirts, iPhone cases and much more. The store is travel themed and currently has 50+ items with literally 1000’s of options to customize to find the right design, size, color to meet your needs. […]

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Trampled While Running with the Bulls in Spain

This week I caught up with one of my buddies who I met while we were at the San Fermin festival in 2011. We ran with the bulls together, but he ended up getting trampled while running with the bulls in Spain.  It was such a hectic experience that I had no clue what had […]

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Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World

Today I am compiling a list of the most overrated tourist attractions in the world. A lot of times we get a false image of perfection from movies, TV, and books, but often times they don’t live up to our high expectations. Some tourist attractions leave you really disappointed while others truly blow you away. These are the […]

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