A Weekend in Busan, South Korea

Spending a weekend in Busan, South Korea is definitely worth the trip if you want to travel a bit out of Seoul. It is only a 2.5 hour ride between the cities via the KTX. These two cities are always compared to each other, but I think I prefer Busan over Seoul. Mainly because I love the […]

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10 Facts About the World

Below are 10 Facts About the World that you most likely did not know yet. These travel facts are some of the most interesting I have picked up from my world travels. 1. Istanbul, Turkey is one of the only cities on two continents, the city is split between Europe and Asia 2. In Korea […]

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Photo Blog Italy

Italy is a magnificently beautiful country bursting with luscious landscapes, friendly locals and is the undisputed culinary capital for all types of cuisine. After exploring the North, South, East and West of Italy I have compiled my favorite moments into a photo blog, which were captured over a few years and various trips to Italy.  Below […]

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Travel Photo Contest

This month I am searching for the best travel photo and giving away this cool World Map. To enter is easy and it is possible to submit on any three social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). To enter all you have to do is navigate to any of my social sites and upload your best […]

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Sneaking into China: 72 Hour Transit Visa

Depending on your nationality it can be a difficult and expensive process to visit China. Today I’ll discuss how you can “sneak” into China and enjoy the beautiful country without so much hassle. It sounds like a difficult, illegal process out of a movie, but luckily it is quite simple and legal. (Shanghai Skyline taken […]

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