The Green Light District

Everyone has heard about the Red Light District in Amsterdam, which is perceived as  a stoners sanctum and sex fiend’s haven.  Although there is plenty of sex, drugs and partying throughout the Red Light district. This post is about a different type of district. One place which is a little less explored than Amsterdam’s cobble […]

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10 Signs You Might Have A Travel Addiction

Yesterday I visited at the US embassy in Seoul, Korea.  It was for a problem I think most people won’t ever have to worry about.  The problem was my passport was almost full and I still have 3+ years left until it expires.  There were no places left to put visa stamps. So why is […]

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Running with the Bulls: Survival Guide

It was crowded, hot and very humid aboard the sweat-filled bus. The majority of the passengers were cover head to toe in white clothing. Some sporting red scarves and handkerchiefs (that’s actually how you spell it…no joke). We had just hopped on a bus in Madrid and were heading to Pamplona, Spain to RUN WITH […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About South Korea

I have been living in Korea for the past 1 year and 6 months while studying my MBA.  The culture here was unfamiliar at first, but I am learning a lot and really love it so far!  Korea is full of some luscious landscapes, delicious delicacies and extremely friendly folks.  The Korean people have been […]

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Free Map Giveaway

Congratulations to Sabrina, from Atlanta, Georgia. Sabrina was randomly selected out of the first 350 Facebook Fans and will be receiving a FREE World Map from Swig Meets World. She will be able to select one of the following. Thanks for everyone who entered and keep posted for more travel tips, stories, photos and FREE […]

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