Travel Hacking with Multi-City Flights

November 11, 2014

Travel Hacking with Multi-City Flights! Throughout the years of flying I have picked up a few great tips that have saved me a lot of money and let me travel to extra destinations for around the same cost. One feature, which most people know about, but little use, is the Mult-City flight-booking engine. Best ways to save money: 1.) Fly into a city, but out of a different city 2.) When booking one way flights 3.) Extending flights for layovers

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Travel Hack: The art of obtaining free or discounted transportation or accommodation

Recently I saved a friend around a $1,000 USD by showing her this method of booking. She was buying a flight from Korea to the US and was just going to book a one-way flight, which cost around $2,000 round trip. Her problem was that she wanted to fly into the US on the west coast and leave from the east coast. I showed her how to use the multi city feature and the round trip flight ended up costing the same as a one-way trip would. For whatever reason, most of the time one-way international flights are mostly more expensive than round trip flights. This is counter intuitive and still doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the way it is.

I just recently booked my flight to the US from South Korea and used a Multi City flight. I planned to fly from Seoul, Korea to St. Louis. The common routes for American Airlines stop between Tokyo and LA so I decided to do 4-day layovers in each city. I was a bit shocked that the American Airlines Multi City feature is hidden and not displayed on their main page, you have to click “refine your search” or use this direct link. I had to Google to get to navigate to this page. I am using American’s search feature since all my miles are with them. Kayak and a few other airlines offer the Multi City tool as well, which most of the time can have even more of a discount. (Tip: clear your cookies or set your browser to incognito/private mode)

Mult City Flight Hack(Click here to get to the AA Multi City tool)

Multi-City flights work similar to normal searches, except you put in each layover stop you want and what dates. (Tip: Changing around with the dates is the best way to find a lower fare).

This Multi City search provided me with a total fare of $1229.31 and allows me to stop in Tokyo and Los Angeles for 4 days each.

Multi City travel hacking(Multi City Fare)

This is a great value considering the normal search with no extended layovers was just $1164 or $65 cheaper. Breaking up long international trips also really makes the 20 hours of flying a lot more bearable.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.29.05 PM(Normal Round trip Fare)

My last example of how you can save money with multi city flights is by booking a one-way ticket. A few months ago we were looking to fly from Vietnam to China and then to Japan, individual tickets were around $850-1000 total. I played around with Kayak’s multi city tool and booked a $500 flight from Vietnam-Laos-China-Japan. This gave us a chance to visit an extra country and was still an overall cheaper fare than booking individual tickets.

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