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I have compiled a list of the BEST travel websites. Over the past 7-years of traveling to over 75+ countries, I have used a lot of resources to book travel! All of the companies listed here are the ones I use when I travel. In my opinion, these are the best companies and that is why I use them. Click on the headers for the link:

Best Travel Gear Guide

After years and years of experimenting with travel gear, I have finally found some of the best travel gear and created a list. The best travel gear lists my favorite travel gadgets and items I have been using for my travels to over 60+ countries.

AirBnB (Free $35 Credit)

AirBnB has revolutionized the way accommodation is being booked worldwide. The site lets almost anyone rent out their spare room, apartment or accommodation. This system creates a huge supply of places to stay worldwide and gives travelers a great alternative to overpriced hotels. Use THIS link for a $35 credit on your next trip!

Best Travel Credit Cards

I normally fly for free due to the millions of miles I have collected from Travel Credit Cards. This article goes in-depth on some of the top credit cards I use every day to help me fly all around the world for free. All of these credit cards include different perks from airport lounges, travel credit and much more!

Remote Job Board – Work from Anywhere!

Have you ever dreamed of having a job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world? A job that will allow you to work from your laptop in any location? Well, there are TONs of opportunities out there and Global Career is the #1 Job Board to find remote jobs.

My Book – Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever

I have been working and traveling full-time since 2011 and my journey has taken me to over 70+ countries. In that time, I’ve worked in seven countries and I am currently working an online and remote job that allows me to work anywhere in the world from the comfort of my laptop. In my book, Global Career, I pull back the curtain and shares everything he’s learnt from years of trial and error about how to travel long term and radically advance your career.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Finding cheap flights can be really hard…it can take hours or days of researching. Luckily, Scott has taken care of all of the hard work so you can sit back and jump on these crazy cheap deals when they fit your travel needs. My favorite thing about Scott’s Cheap Flights is the fact that they only send the BEST deals. They don’t flood your inbox with a $50 off sale. Normally, it is a crazy deal like 50% off or sometimes a $600+ discount!  Sign up today for FREE to start getting the great deals. (Free $25 Credit)

If you don’t like the bidding aspect of Priceline then is your best bet. This is a site I have used all over Europe and all of the experiences and hotels have turned out great! For $25 off your next booking use this coupon.

Best Business Backpacks for Work

Sometimes you need a backpack for more than just travel, here is an in-depth list that showcases some of the best backpacks for work. The site reviews 10 of the best selling backpacks and gives a really informative review of each one!

Best Credit Cards for Cruises

Most travelers might be familiar with credit cards to get free hotel stays or free flights, but there are a lot of great credit cards for cruises! This in-depth guide provides tips on picking out the best credit card for cruises.

The Secret Traveler Blog

This travel writer from 1Cover has gone incognito to share some of the best-kept secret spots around the world and other useful travel tips.


Expedia is an industry leader for flights, hotels, cruises and vacation packages. They have a pretty cool loyalty program that can provide some great benefits for future travel.  Expedia is worth checking out and you’ll save a lot of money by booking hotels and flights together.


TripAdvisor is world’s largest travel site, they have great deals on everything from flights to hotels. I love the way they arrange reviews for “Things To Do” in each city. This gives you user reviews for the best things in every city. Tripadvisor also has a huge active community that can help answer practically any travel concerns.


HostelWorld offers the biggest selections of Hostels and Guesthouses in the world. They have a great interface and the phone app is perfect for traveling. You can click the link to sign up for a Free Gold Card  (Eliminates Service Fees for Booking).


Maybe Hostels aren’t your style. Priceline is my favorite and an awesome bidding site for Hotels where you can save a ton of money. Save up to 60% on Hotels & 40% on Flights.


This is the best site to book tours, they offer 10,000+ tours & activities worldwide. If you want to save money and have a guided tour or just want to find some cool things to do, Viator is your best option.


SkyScanner is the BEST for discount flights in Europe. The site also offers some other great features, my favorite is to select your Outbound City or “To” City as “Everywhere.” Basically, this lets you see the cheapest flights to “Everywhere” from your origin city. It is perfect for snagging a cheap flight when you’re not sure where to go!

STA Travel

If you are a student you should definitely check out the discounted flights on STA Travel. They have a ton of travel deals for students, right now you can get some flights to Europe under $600.


Want FREE accommodation, but more importantly a great local experience? There is a couch waiting for you. Couchsurfing allows you to stay free of charge on a person’s couch. It is a really great service and one I recommend for any type of traveler.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads has the best travel insurance by far. Travel insurance covers more than just some health problems you might have abroad. It can cover stolen belongings, flight cancelation or natural disasters. World Nomads is recommended by Lonely Planet and National Geographic and many other travel companies. Click Here to get a FREE quote. 


If you are traveling in Asia then this is the best site to find hotels, hostels, and guesthouses. There is a huge selection of thousands of hotels with a book now, pay later system.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a purchase which helps keep this site running. I use all the companies listed and I recommend them because they have made my traveling easier and better. If you are ready to book your trip and would like to support this website in some way, using these links will help do exactly that. Everybody wins and if you have any questions about the companies, e-mail me. I’m happy to answer any questions and love helping people get the best deals on their next trip.

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