Sports Directory for Students and Expats in Gwangju

February 21, 2017

Since spring is here and summer weather is just around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to compile a Sports Directory. Gwangju has a Facebook group for practically everything you could be interested in, but it is hard to find all the information in one place.  Gwangju has plenty to offer from a ping-pong club to basketball group that meet on a regular basis. Most of the information should still be relevant, but some of the groups  only meet when it has been pre arranged and others meet every week.  Below are all links to the Facebook pages for each group. If you have a group or sport you want to add please leave a comment below!Sports Directory Gwangju

Volleyball– This is a rather new group that meets on Saturday or Sundays at the GIST University.

Basketball– If you are interested in basketball this is the place for you. If you aren’t interested in a league there are pick up games every weekend at the Chonnam National University courts (near the track).

Baseball/Softball– I couldn’t find any group for these two. There is definitely an expat mens baseball team. You can check this thread here to find more info on current baseball and softball meetings.

Tri Sports– If you want to swim, bike and run all in one this is the group for you.

Gwangju Fitness– This group is to talk about all things fitness in Gwangju. If you like to run, walk, lift, or just be active this place is for you. Come and share motivation, goals, results, routines, etc. Lets help make Gwangju more fit.

Gwangju Yoga– This group is all about yoga, there are plenty of classes throughout Gwangju and this is the place to find one near you.

Gwangju Running– A club for serious to not so serious runners to congregate for weekend runs, selected marathons, hash runs and the occasional post-run beer. All levels welcome! They meet on Sundays and then have a dinner together after the run.

Taekwondo– Srirang Taekwondo has no boundaries of races and nationalities. The whole globe can be united as one through Srirang TKD! This group meets on Mondays and Thursday nights.

Ladies Soccer– This group is for any ladies looking to join a soccer league or just kick the ball around.

Gwangju Soccer/Football– Described as  “A drinking team with a football problem.”

Ultimate Frisbee– If you want to toss the disk around in an organized group or play ultimate this is the right place for you.

Gwangju Motorcycle Club– Long and short rides in and around Gwangju (Jeollanamdo). They plan to have at least 2 overnight rides per year and meet regularly.

Riders of Korea– ROK is a group not just in Gwangju, but all over South Korea. This group is for anyone who likes to ride or is interested in motorcycles in South Korea.

Golf- After you have mastered screen golf, it is time to test your skills on the real thing.

Juggling– Just a bunch of jugglers that want to play with their balls in public.

Cricket– If you want to play some cricket on the wicket then this is the group for you.

Ping-Pong– Join this group to stay in the loop for the next pong meeting.

Cycling Korea– Another group that meets all over Korea to do some group cycling.

Climbing Team– Group of rock climbers

Rock Climbing– This is a previous post about rock climbing and info on the venue in Gwangju.

If I didn’t list a group or sport that is active please leave a comment below. If your favorite sport isn’t listed it might not exist,  you can be the first one to try and organize a group and help keep Gwangju active!

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